Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cancer Carrot Update

I bet you are all just dying to know what happened to the carrot!

So, I stuck the carrot into the ground on Saturday night!
The next morning, I ran downstairs eagerly anticipating if it would still be there! Boo... It was still there, untouched! Then sometime around lunch, some lucky rabbit found it. There was a little nibble taken off the top! (sorry I forgot to take a picture)
In my mind I pictured this rabbit running home to tell all his rabbit pals about this giant mythical carrot he discovered! The other rabbits didn't believe him and teased and made fun of him! He was so sad! But then, through a series of events, he meets and befriends the Princess rabbit! She believes him and they decide to go search for the carrot together! They search the entire Southwest because he couldn't remember where it was! They used the sound of Kalbi's barking to help guide them to the carrot! It took them all night but they found it! They had a feast and ate most of the carrot til their little bellies couldn't eat anymore!
This is what I found the next morning!
Haha... I was right!!
The rabbit and the Princess hopped on home and told the others about their feast! The other rabbits were salivating and apologized for not believing him! They all became friends and decided to go back together to finish the carrot! They gobbled it all up and lived happily ever after.... until they all turned into glowing orange mutant rabbits!! LOL
All gone the next morning! Let me know if you see crazy mutant rabbits running around!!

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