Monday, November 5, 2012

"Fancy" Rugs

Here is my tip of the day!
Before buying furniture or an area rug, tape it out on the floor! That way you will know it fits. It will also help you visualize it in the space! There is nothing worse than ordering a piece of furniture, waiting for it to come in, lugging it all the way home... only to realize that it is too big or too small! Tape costs a buck, wrong-sized furniture is way more costly! Sounds like common sense... but really how many of us have actually done it?

We are in the market for a couple arm chairs and an area rug... so taking my own advice, I mapped it out on the floor using tape! Did you know that carpet stores can bind carpet into a rug in any size you want? That way you can have a custom rug that fits perfectly in your space. Remember how I said that custom equals fancy!! Haha and fancy isn't even that expensive. It only costs about a dollar something per linear foot for carpet binding! Best thing is that these carpet stores will let you bring home these colour boards! Then you can see how the colour looks in your space and in different lighting! Showroom lighting is not so great! You can even order a larger sample if you really have trouble deciding! They can even create circular rugs!! Hmmm... maybe Yules needs a cute pink shag rug in her room!

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