Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping Fail #2, 3, 4 and a double dose of Rejection

I seriously think the shopping Gods are against me... I haven't had much luck lately! *insert sad face* Let's just say that Husband has no complaints about it!

Shopping fail #2 occurred Thursday night! I was uber excited for Sephora's Black Friday Sales! They had a whole bunch of great $12 deals... but limited quantities! The sale started at midnight (so 10pm for me) and I was at the computer and ready to buy up a storm! Picked out all my items (only one was sold out... so not too shabby at all) and then went to check out! I expected the site to be slow but Sephora's Canadian Checkout pretty much CRASHED! Boo for me! I sat there and refreshed for about an hour and then gave up! Of course all the goodies were gone by the time I got up in the morning! Lets just say there was a lot of hate-mail on the Sephora facebook page from the Canadians!

Shopping fail #3 happened on Friday morning! Monster and I had to go get some vaccinations (she did very well by the way), so we were already out and about. I figured since she was passed out from her shots I might as well take advantage and go shopping. I needed to make up for not buying anything the night before! I was ready to hit up Carters and buy the monster some new things! Carters emailed me and told me that the whole store was 50% off! LIES!! Only 20% off in Canada! Seriously, I'm getting annoyed!

Shopping fail #4 should have almost been expected! New neighbour and I hit up the craft show in St. Albert where all the hipsters and cool kids go on a Friday night. I was expecting to find all these super cool, one-of-a-kind, locally made, organic, hippy things! BOO, it was a big disappointment!  It took us about 10mins to browse through the whole place! They didn't even have mini-donuts! Don't those type of things always have mini-donuts? No cool things and no mini-donuts!! I guess Hipster craft shows don't have mini-donuts, so they are not for me! Neighbour bought a $10 chocolate bar, I bought NOTHING!! Man, I just want to spend some money!!

So after our awesome 10 whole minutes of shopping, we were hungry and needed food! There was this awesome restaurant there with a glass roof offering a 3 course meal under the stars! Haha was new neighbour and I going to have a romantic dinner under the stars? We inquired what was on the menu and it sounded drool worthy, so what the hey, why not! Stupid restaurant enticed us and then tells us that we would have to wait at least another hour to be seated!! Are you kidding me? Rejected!!!

We decided to head back to our hood and check out the new restaurant (Nineteen) that just opened! So after getting lost in St. Albert, we make it back to the hood and are seriously starving! Apparently peeps in our hood are much smarter and make reservations on a Friday Night! No tables available and not even any space to stand in the lounge! For reals? Rejected again!!

So after being rejected from two fancy restaurants, where on earth were we going to have our romantic dinner? New neighbour and I ended up at super classy... Edo!! Haha good times!!

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