Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Double standards

Why is it that when I make a giant mess and leave my toys and clothes all over the place, I get "the look" from Husband... but when Yules does it... he doesn't even bat an eyelash and if anything is even more smitten by her!
Why is it not a big deal when Husband has to clean up her finger prints all over the house and I get "the look" when I leave any type of mark? Not only is he not annoyed, he actually thinks it's so stinkin cute!
Hmmm... sounds like a double standard to me!! And sounds like we know who the little monster will go to when she wants something!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NEW old school desks!

Found this pair at a garage sale and I HAD to have them! I've been wanting something like this forever! It really makes me feel nostalgic looking at them... sweet school memories from when I was young! The pair cost me $15, which I thought was a steal of a deal... post-it note price was $8.50/each. But my Dad (who is a garage sale pro and Asian) said I totally overpaid! Haha!
I've been dying to use my new sander and I thought it would be a nice little project to attack slowly. I also thought it would give my Dad something to work on when he came over to visit. You see, my Dad is the type of person who always needs something to do but doing things slowly is also not in his repertoire. I asked my Dad if he wanted to help me with my new project... and he outright STOLE it!! Yup, he packed them up into his car and took them home to work on. He had them sanded down, painted and delivered in a matter of days! So much for giving him something to do while he was over and so much for it being my little project! Haha! He did a great job and I'm really happy with how they turned out! And of course to complete the retro look, Husband made a couple chalkboard slates to go along with them! The little monster loves sitting in them and "playing school"! Hopefully she's not going to be left-handed!! LOL

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yulli's Monster Party

My little monster is now 1! Wow I still can't believe how fast this past year has gone by! Yulli celebrated her birthday with a huge monster bash! We are not the type of peeps that are into throwing big giant parties, but we really wanted to celebrate with all our family and friends... all the special people that have been here to support us and make Yulli's first year so special! She is such a lucky little girl to have all of you in her life!! Thanks everyone!! Okay enough sappy stuff and onto party pics!!

I only have 2 tips if you want a successful party! Tip 1. Make friends with a super talented cake maker! No monster party can be complete without a monster cake! Our friend L made an amazing monster cake for Yules!! I gave her an idea of what I wanted from a pic found on google and she made a cake a bazillion times better! It was way better than I could have imagined! Tip 2. Make friends with a super talented photographer. Our friend H showed up at the party with camera in hand ready to document for us without me even asking!! How can we even ask for better friends? Thanks ladies!

Create a Monster Kit
Party Favours 
Tiny Utensils for tiny hands

Happy Birthday my sweet little monster Yulli Boo!
Ps. You are never having another birthday party EVER again!
PPs. I never want to see a monster eyeball EVER again!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

A prediction...

One of my family traditions for a first birthday is to present baby with a tray of items and let them pick a couple things. There is a bunch of things on the tray that symbolise different things. For example, one of the items that is traditionally on the tray is scissors. If baby chooses scissors, it could mean that she might be very precise and meticulous... or you can interpret it to mean she might become a surgeon when she's older! Haha! You can pretty much attach any meaning you want to it! It's really all in good fun! When I was 1, I picked a book and a pencil. I of course was never studious (duh) but I did eventually choose a teaching career, I like to read and here I am writing a blog! So to me, this tradition is a pretty cool way to predict what is in store for my Yules!
So what did Yules choose for her first birthday you ask? Well the little monster choose a ball of rice, money and a golf ball!! The golf ball is not an item traditionally on the tray, but her father has high hopes that she will become a pro golfer in the future! So he was very pleased that she picked the golf ball! So what does that all mean? Well, I think it means that she likes to eat, play and spend money!! Haha just like her Mum!! Hopefully it means she likes to eat, play and earn money!!

Twin to Twin

Did you know that my Yulli Boo was supposed to be a twin? Yup twins!! But Yulli ate her twin!! Haha okay she didn't eat her twin and will most likely be traumatized if I keep saying that she did! An early ultrasound indicated that Yulli was supposed to be a twin but it was just never meant to be! We told her that she better be twice as awesome... and she sure is!! God decided to give her another "twin" instead... her name is Baby J.
She's had many play dates and doctor appointments with Baby J and they were even born at the same hospital and on the exact same day!! Baby J and Yulli even have very, very, very similar names! Haha they really are twins! The funny thing is that these twins have never ever met! Baby J moved away shortly after she was born. Hopefully these twins separated at birth will meet one day and I just know they will be the best of friends!
Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because these twins turned ONE today!! I can't believe a year has passed so fast! Baby J sent Yulli a book in the mail today and it was appropriately called Twin to Twin!! Haha great minds think alike!! Happy Birthday my sweet twins!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bridal Shower Pics

Hey guys! I know I promised you party pics from the shower... but I got a new computer and have been having some technical difficulties... but better late than never right? I've also been busy busy planning my little monster's 1st birthday party... eeekkkk can you believe she's turning one? Where has this last year gone? For realz?... anyways stay tuned for party pics from her birthday!

So anyways, here is a pic of how all the decorations came together!

I went with a semi-Japanese theme for the food because a) the bride likes it and b) there's a lot of apps that can be served cold. I didn't want to be slaving in front of the stove/oven during the party and no one really wants to eat cold food that was formerly warm.
Some of the things I served were:
-Sushi and Maki (duh)
-Beef Tataki (very easy to make btw... I'll share the recipe one day)
-Bean Sprout Salad (easy Peasy)
-Seaweed Salad (store bought so super easy)
-Cucumber Salad (also easy peasy)
-Shrimp Cocktail with Wasabi Aioli or Sriracha Infused Cocktail Sauce
-Wasabi Peas (bc they're Japanese and bc I had some in the pantry)
-Blueberries (bc they're navy blue and bc we can always use some fruit)
-Skor Dip and Apples
-Mini oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies
-Chocolate (duh)
-Cupcakes (which were kinda sad looking...)

A nice little lite spread for a mid-day-pre-dinner soiree!