Sunday, December 2, 2012

Keeping Busy!

Hey all! It's been a busy couple of weeks, so no time to really blog! Boo... I suck! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to!

1. I made some yummy treats with the girls! I wanted to make these easy holiday treats that I found on Pinterest:
But round pretzels were no where to be found! Mini pretzels were also sold out! Hmmm just my luck of course! So I bought pretzel sticks, but we ended up using shreddies!
Line 'em up and pop them into the oven! These take like 2 minutes in the oven or else they burn! We learned that the hard way! Hmmm... you would think chocolate would just melt if it was in the oven too long!
This was our first FAIL batch! Seriously this was supposed to be EASY! And it actually was, once we figured it out and got a system going!
Pop these suckers in a cute bag (from Dollarama if you're wondering), throw in a few pretzels and extra m&ms for good measure and there you have it!
I tested these on an EMO teenage boy and he ate three bags! So they must be good or he was just really hungry!
2. Also did a sewing craft with the gals! Apparently sewing is for old ladies! What Evs! We made some heat packs using scented rice!
We also made these cute mini ones for your pocket! Handy if you are going outside for a walk or whatever it is that you do outside!
Pop these babies in a cute container (also from Dollarama) and it makes a cute handmade gift!

3. Put up my Christmas tree! Yippee I heart Christmas! Now I just need to start wrapping presents to put under the tree! I heart wrapping presents too... just not at Christmas time! :(

4. I was on a DIY kick and made a wreath! I wanted a gigantic faux boxwood wreath and I wanted it cheap! That combo doesn't exist, so I had to make it myself!
I started with a frame that I made by bending wire hangers (thanks Santos). This is way harder than it should be! I recommend using a hula hoop if you're going to be making a big one!
Then I wrapped it with the cheapy garland stuff! I was going to hang it on a window and wanted it to be green on the back not ghetto unfabulous wire!
Next I added the boxwood! I love the simplicity and organic natural look of this wreath! Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

5. Made the best discovery ever!! Did you know that you can use bounce dryer sheets to clean soap scum! Yuppers, it works! If you're gross like me, you probably don't clean your shower every single day! So of course scuzzy soap scum builds up and it looks very unpleasant, especially on a glass shower! It is also a B to get rid of! Not anymore! Seriously all you have to do is gently rub a wet used dryer sheet all over, rinse, squeegee and ta-da it's CLEAN! O.M.G why didn't anyone tell me about this before?

6. Finally got the rugs we ordered! Check it out!
The first one we got was for Yulli's room! Super cute! It even makes Mr. Elephant look less creepy! I still think he's cute no matter what you haters think!
The other monstrous one we got was for the living room! It was so big, not even sure how Husband got it home in my little car! Anyways, I was so excited I dragged furniture from various parts of our home to visualize what it would look like once we did actually have furniture! Makes the space look sooooo different! Can't wait for our real furniture! Kalbs seems to like the new rug!
Look at the cutest puppy in the whole world!! How could you not love that face?
So there you have it... a little bit of what the gang and I have been up to!
PS. A "celebrity" commented on my blog! OMG *shriek like a little school girl* Someone else other than Husband reads my blog! I'm HAPPY!


  1. Haha, lots of people read your blog...they just don't comment :)

    I've been on Pinterest a lot lately many things I want to try but currently don't have the new year!

  2. Where did you order this pink rug from??i have been crazy looking for one. Thank you ��