Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Monster at the end of this book

the MONSTER at the end of this Book: starring LOVABLE, FURRY OLD GROVER
Yulli's pick this week is an oldie but goodie (written in 1971). It is the best-selling Sesame Street title and one of the top 100 picture books ever! This book is apparently meant to teach children to read a book from beginning to end! But Yules and I like it just cause....
So the gist of this book is Grover is afraid of the monster at the end of the book as indicated by the title. He begs and tries to prevent you from turning the pages! By the end of the book, he realizes that HE is the monster that the title is referring to.
You can watch this book here and there is a really good interactive ipad app available as well. It's amazing to see how much children enjoy this book, even after they've read it and know how it ends. I'm not surprised though, because this book still brings a smile to my face everytime I read it!

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