Monday, December 10, 2012

Mini Ikea Hack

What did the world do before Ikea? I do love me some Ikea!
And do you know what I love almost as much? Ikea Hackers! If you've never been to the website, check it out! It's a great mash of Ikea and creativity all in one! I love it and am totally amazed at how much creativity and ingenuity people have! My Ikea hack is just a mini one and doesn't even compare with the other ones, but I thought I'd share anyways!

We have been looking for some chaise lounge chairs for the sitting area in our bedroom with little luck. We finally decided to buy arm chairs with matching ottomans instead. I figured it would give us options in case I wanted to move furniture around (which I have been doing a lot lately)! Ikea had a promotion going on so we picked up the Karlstad armchair and footstool.
Nice looking chair with clean lines, nice fabric and color (good for concealing Kalbi hair), and at a good price! I liked everything about it... except for the skinny, dinky, light-colored, long legs!
I thought about painting the legs dark grey or staining it dark brown to match our furniture. But I knew I would still be unhappy with the size! Yes, size does matter people! Haha! Anyways, I knew the legs would have to be changed! Easy fix and relatively cheap too! So I started looking for different legs. I found some good options for about $40 for 4. Sounds not too bad, until I realized I needed 4 sets... 4 times $40 is $160 (I know you guys are impressed with my math skills). Ughhh are you kidding me? There is no way on earth I would spend that much! My well-priced chair would no longer be well-priced! Eeek you know what that means... I would have to go the good ol' DIY route!

So after a few weeks of having legless furniture, I decided how to attack the situation! We started with a giant fence post!
Husband had the privilege of cutting the post into 5 inch pieces (1 inch shorter then the original legs) and then staining them dark brown!
After some drilling and attaching, we now have chair legs!! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
Husband also had the privilege of carrying these chairs downstairs (again) into the living room! I was bummed when I found out the chairs we ordered for our living room wouldn't be here until early in the new year! I didn't want the room to look so empty for the Holidays, so they will stay here until the real furniture arrives! And then Husband gets the privilege of moving them back upstairs!
So for a fraction of the cost, I'd say these legs look pretty good! I'm much happier with the look and Husband got to play with power tools! It's a win win for everyone!


  1. Love this!
    Great job :)

  2. Your Husband is such a good guy. Whatta catch!