Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shopping EPIC FAIL!

I've really started to feel the cabin fever set in this week! So I was determined to leave the house today and get a jump start on Christmas shopping! Husband could watch Kalbs and Yules and I could have FREEDOM!! Shopping with a baby in tow is just not the same! You either make decisions really quick and buy or you just don't buy! There is no leisurely walking up and down the aisles or digging through racks! Babies remove all joy from shopping! So if you can, I recommend leaving them at home!

I had the very good intention of waking up bright and early because we all know the early bird gets the worm and in this case SALES!! Well... so much for good intentions! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to sleep and waking up early is not my thing! Husband had strict orders to wake me up early, but husband also knows that if he tries too hard to wake me up, it may result in getting punched in the face! So needless to say I did not wake up early as planned!

By mid afternoon, I of course was still not ready and was contemplating whether or not to leave the house! I finally decided not to waste the day away and go out! Better late than never right? I'll brush my teeth, change out of my pajamas, put on make-up and maybe even comb my hair! Oh how a baby changes your life!

I clearly picked the BEST day to go out too! There is a billion cm of snow outside and the roads are super slick! I was also headed to dreaded South Edmonton Common! Plus it's Saturday and a long weekend! You only head there on a Saturday if you're seriously crazy or need some stress in your life! But nonetheless, I was determined to go! I wasn't going to pass up an additional 30% off at Banana!

So I finally leave the house and the roads and traffic aren't too shabby! I get to Banana and I even get prime parking! I was able to take my dear time browsing around. It felt GREAT, not being rushed or worrying if the kid was going to wake up! I wasn't even annoyed that the line up was insanely long! Things were looking up! That is until I went to pay! Low and behold, guess who forgets their wallet in the diaper bag? ME!! EPIC FAIL!!
So I guess my tip of the day is: Don't forget your wallet, you need money if you're going to go shopping!!

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