Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where the wild things grow...

Our landscaping is on our to-do list and we most likely won't get to it till next year! This is what our back yard currently looks like!
It is filled with lots and lots of weeds, daisies and wild flowers!! Pretty typical for an unfinished backyard... EXCEPT....... for the fact that it seems that these wild things only like to grow on our property!! You can clearly see that they don't like our neighbors on either side!!

The weeds pretty much flourish right up to the property line and then just STOP!! What on Earth?!!!?? I highly doubt that both our neighbours are spraying crazy copious amounts of weed killer!! For realz? How is this even possible? I suspect it must be all the fertilizing action of all the rabbit poo left behind by all the bunnies I fed all winter long!! Hahaha!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Years!!

Happy Anniversary Husband!! WOW 5 years... so crazy, where did the time go? Time flies when you are having fun!! Thanks for an amazing 5 years! I can't wait for many more years of love, happiness and you spoiling me!!
We will celebrate by catching a matinee and eating dinner at 5pm... Haha we really ARE old people!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Spring Chicken

Ok, so I'm at a point in my life where I'm unsure if I am considered young or old? When I was younger... anyone that didn't live with their parents, finished school, had a job, was married with kids... was totally an old person!
My body is also unsure if I'm young or old! The acne planets growing on my face tells me I'm young! (Why is this still happening btw?) And then the regularly occurring hot flashes I get make me feel menopausal!! Or maybe a hormonal imbalance means I'm still young! The only part of my body that has made up it's mind is my metabolism... definitely not that of a young person!! Haha!
I wonder if the younger generation considers me an old person? I like to think that I still look young and trendy! Apparently NOT! My much older sister told me that I dress like I am an old bag! I thought I was dressed very age-appropriate! Although I do often pick clothing very similar to my Mother-in-laws taste!! YIKES!! Does that mean that I psychologically think I'm an old bag therefore dress like an old person?
I like to think that I'm just as hip as the young 20somethings... until I hang out with them... and realize that I can't relate at all!! And now with an eight year old around, I really feel ancient!! The Bells put me in my place the other day and made it clear that I was indeed an old person!!
Bells and I were having a play date with some girlfriends! I was fully anticipating an Egg meltdown at some point... especially since these girls both have strong personalities. Two hours later the meltdown occurred for both of them! It started with a camera and then the two not able to agree on what game to play! They pouted and whined and complained!! Which ultimately resulted in them playing separately and "spy pics" taken of Bells. She did not like that at all and made it be known!! I tried to make her feel better about the situation by telling her that there was no film in the camera! I thought I was pretty slick since it was a digital camera, so technically I wasn't lying! I was just about to give myself a pat on the back for being so smart.... Until the Bells asks me "What's film?" Urggghhhh are you serious?? I go on to explain that film is that thing that you need to put in the camera so you can develop the pictures later. She gives me a blank stare and asks if it's that little square thing! Yes, yes it's the little square thing!! She was content with my response... but I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm referring to the memory card!! Yikes, I AM OLD!! Those kids have NO idea what film is!!
This reminded me of when I was trying to teach a spelling lesson to some Grade 2s and was trying to explain what a cassette was! Needless to say, they had no clue!!

Oh man I remember taping songs off the radio, making mixed tapes and playing it in my walkman!! Oh yah walkman... remember those? And discmans!! Oh man... I guess I have my answer... I AM AN OLD PERSON!! (btw Blogger is so young that it doesn't even recognize walkman and discman as words! Haha) Soon I'm going to go around saying things like "When I was your age..." or "Back in the day..." Oh wait... I already say things like that!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EGG Syndrome

Egg syndrome! Ever heard of it?? Chances are YES, but you probably call it something else! You might call it being bad, grumpy-pants, bi-polar, freaking-out, temper-tantrum, drama-queen, crazy, meltdown, EMO, or simply just kids being kids!! In my family, we've coined the term Egg to pretty much mean all of those things!! We have a few egg specimens in my family and Yules is already exhibiting early signs of Egg syndrome (must be in her genes)... like when she planks her body and screams and shouts for no apparent reason!! Some would call that cranky... we call it Egg! We have one special extreme case in particular that we call Mr. Egg! My sweet Mr. Egg can be set off by something as simple as you saying that his new hair-cut looks cute! He might decide that day that he doesn't like being called cute! Therefore he will sit in the corner, pout and glare at you and of course act like it is the end of the world!! Haha that is very classic egg! !!

Well the reason I bring up Egg Syndrome, is because my lovely little Bells put Mr. Egg to shame the other day with her little GIANT egg episode!!
She had a very loose tooth that she proudly showed off to everyone when we went over to my parent's house this weekend! Big Mistake!! You NEVER ever show off loose teeth to old Asian people!! They don't believe in letting it fall out on its own! A loose tooth is like the perfect opportunity for them to traumatize you for life!! I seriously remember my Dad whipping out his giant rusty wrench or pliers to crank out my teeth!! Anyways, after my sister tried to pull out inspect the tooth... Bells was already in tears!! Then my brother attempted to inspect the tooth and then my dad decided to intervene too! Yikes!!! By this time the poor girl was wailing and freaking out! I honestly don't blame the girl at all for being upset!! The anticipation of your tooth being yanked out by someone else is damn scary!! So mid-freak out and inspection from my Dad, the tooth falls onto the floor and they both don't even notice! I pointed out the tooth on the ground and it took a few seconds for her to realize what had happened! Yippee... her tooth fell out, so it's all over now! WRONG... it was FAR from over!! Bells went to the corner and continued to cry! The more that people tried to comfort her, the more agitated she became!! That was a strong indicator that it was time for us to hightail it outta there!! So Husband packed up Kalbs and Yules and I grabbed Bells and we headed home!! She continued to sob in the car! Then the sobbing turned into grunting, groaning and I swear steam coming out of her head! That was followed by pretending to gag on the cotton ball in her mouth! After the gagging and throwing up of the cotton ball, she put on her best frown face and stared at the car door the remainder of the car ride!! When we got home, she stomped all the way to her room and plopped herself right in the middle of her bed and stared at the wall! She continued to grunt and stew loudly! When that got old, she relocated to the floor to continue her tantrum!! After giving her a little time to calm down, I finally went to talk to her! I told her that it was okay to feel upset! She very quickly snapped back that she was not upset, but rather ANGRY!! Very Angry!! She was so angry as a matter of fact that she hated it here and she wanted to go back home to her regular life!! Oh my, can we say DRAMA or rather EGG? In the end I was able to calm her down with a slice of cake!! Oh man, thankgoodness for cake!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to wish Husband a Happy Father's Day!
I said that his gift would be uninterrupted alone time with Kalbs and Yules! I even selflessly offered to leave the house and go shopping so they could have some solid, quality, bonding time!! What could be better than spending time with the kiddos all by yourself on Father's day? Haha for some strange reason he didn't like my game plan so much!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mini Vacay

Kalbs got to spend a week with his grandparents... the only people who will take him :( And we went on a mini-vacation to Dallas! The reason I'm hesitant to call it a "vacation" is because I've been there many, many times... it's like my second home! My sisters' live there and I used to visit every summer! Anytime you're visiting family, it's usually more drama than vacation... well for my family at least!! Surprisingly, there was no drama... maybe because we weren't there long enough to get on each other's nerves!! Haha!

Yules got to meet her aunties, uncles and cousins and get spoiled!! We got to act like we were on vacation and stuff our faces and be really ,really FAT!! So all in all, a nice little family trip!! We even brought back a little souvenir from Texas... a new family member!! My little niece Isabella is spending the summer with us! Our little family of 4 is now 5... so I guess we will temporarily be Kalbs, Yules and Bells!! I'm sure she will give me lots of material to blog about... the kid sure has personality to say the least!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

MIA Again!! Sorry!!

Holy Guacamole!! Where on earth did I disappear to? I swear I haven't abandoned this blog!! It's such a pet peeve of mine when my favourite blogs aren't updated frequently... so I'm sure you are all super annoyed with me! First I was up to absolutely nothing, therefore had nothing interesting to write about! Then I was super busy and had no time to blog! And then we were away on a mini "vacation", if you can call it that! And now, we are adjusting to life post-vacation and life with a new family member!! Hmmm... I'll tell you all about it soon!