Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Junk

For a lady that doesn't like clutter and baby junk... I've acquired 3 large baby items in the last 4 days!! OMG I am feeling very overwhelmed and may have a mini panic attack!! Between Kalbi junk and Yulli junk, there is stuff EVERYWHERE!! Monster is taking over this house!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fake vs Real and Help!

Haha I bet you're wondering what I'm going to be writing about today based on the title!! Get your minds out of the gutter!! I'm talking about PLANTS today!!

I've been wanting a plant in the living room since the beginning of time! It just adds an organic looking element to the room! We've been flip flopping over whether or not to get a real plant or an artificial one! A real one seems like a lot of work... but real is obviously REAL, therefore better! My Dad has a billion plants and offered us one of his! Yippee... guess that made our decision easy! Until.... we discovered that our windows have this protective film that filters out UV rays. We have one tiny little lucky bamboo plant that we got as a wedding favor like 5 years ago. It's the only living plant we've ever had besides that little Pine tree we had momentarily at Christmas! It thrived in our old house but is slowly dying at this house! It's right in the window and gets light all day long but all the leaves have turned yellow! After talking to a friend and doing some research, many plants can turn yellow from the lack of UV. Hmmm... dying yellow plant isn't going to look so good in my living room! So I guess it's back to artificial plant!!

So after dragging 2 or 3 different fake trees home, I think we have finally decided on one for our space! Some were too small, too ugly, too expensive... but this one seems just right! Haha sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 trees!! Well almost just right!! The tree itself looks good but the pot it comes in is hideous!! It's like tribal pot gone moldy wrong! I can't see that pot looking good with any decor! Luckily I knew with a quick coat of paint it could be saved!! Here's what it looked like before:

After a couple layers of trusty $0.99 acrylic paint, this is what it now looks like:

Not too shabby huh? Our living room is starting to look more and more complete everyday! Kalbs wanted to be part of the pic!!

Just need window coverings and something in the other corner! Any ideas people?

I was thinking a round table in the corner! What do you think? And artwork? Yikes!! I am in a total artwork dilemma with this room! I want to put something up above the sofa... BUT.... the sofa is not centered to the wall! So do I center the artwork to the wall or the sofa? If I move the sofa then it won't be centered to the chairs and window parallel to it. Does that make sense? Am I over thinking this? HELP I need ideas!! I want this room finished! I am so over it!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Kalbi!

We are seriously BAD people!! The WORST Parents in the World!! We forgot Kalbster's Birthday!! Our sweet little puppy turned 4 a couple weeks ago and we completely forgot!! BOO we suck!! I was thinking ahead to Yulli's birthday in September and pondering party ideas or whether or not to even have a party! Then it dawned on me that it was Kalbi's birthday and that we missed it!! YIKES we are bad people!!
So to make up for it, we planned a little party for him! I'm not sure if you would really call it a party... more like a little spoil him rotten session... to make up for forgetting!!
Yules and I made him a two tiered heart shaped princess cake! Yules' idea of course!! Haha!
I bet you are wondering if we are actually going to let him eat any of that... you betcha we are!! Kalbs has a little bit of a sweet tooth and goes crazy for sweets!! Plus we are bad parents and can't help but give him whatever he wants!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest little puppy in the whole wide world!!!

Oh man he was in heaven!! I think he was in a little disbelief himself that we actually let him go to town on that cake! So he didn't waste anytime and went crazy splattering icing everywhere!!
And then shortly after his little binge fest, this is what happened:
That's icing dog puke in case you are wondering! Yup, he barfed it all out!! Haha We kinda figured he would! But it's his Birthday so he's allowed!!
And then shortly after his sugar high faded and he deconstructed 2 new toys... he was completely burned out!!
I love this little puppy sooooooooooooo much and promise not to forget his birthday next year!! Happy Birthday my sweet Kalbi!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's Discoveries...

Yule's and I have been out everyday this week!! Haha I know I can hardly believe it myself! I haven't even had to cook this week! We are very lucky girls with amazing family and friends that take good care of us and feed us while Husband is away! Husband said that I am putting the stroller and my credit card to good use lately!
Anyways, I made a few small discoveries today!

1) Bouclair Home now sells wall paper!! YIPPEE! I've been meaning to wallpaper the powder room for months now but just haven't found what I was looking for at a reasonable price! Girl pal over at Crusty Mom Thoughts (Check out her blog if you have time) just wallpapered her powder room and reminded me about that project that I have abandoned!! The rolls are only $29.99 each and the patterns are exactly what I have been looking for! I am definitely dragging Husband there this weekend!
2) My second discovery is SEARS!!
Yup you heard right... Sears as in the come see the softer side of sears... SEARS!! I NEVER shop at Sears!! No one shops at Sears... except Kim! Kim loves Sears!! 
Side Note: Kim is my mother in case you're wondering! And the only reason I call her Kim is because it is so against the law!! In our culture you never call any elder by their first name! EVER!! Unless there is a proper salutation in front! But even then it is totally frowned upon! Anyways, I call her Kim because it is so wrong that it's kinda funny!! Oh and she also doesn't know that I call her that either! Which makes it even funnier! Ok end side note!
So anyways, back to Sears! No one I know shops at Sears besides Kim! But I just discovered that I am in love with their Children's department!! It is clean, organized, well stocked and very well priced! They also carry Carter's! Yulli loves her some Carter's!! They apparently have an amazing baby gift registry too!
3) I saved the best discovery for last!! McDonald's $1 drink days are back!!! All Summer... is it even Spring yet? Who cares!! WooHoo!!
I was never a big pop drinker, but during my pregnancy, Coke seriously hit the spot! I thought the pop cravings would go away afterwards... but nope! I am still madly in love with Coke... especially fountain coke from McDonalds!! I'm pretty sure the stuff is laced with crack because it is that good!! So bad for me but so good!! I'm going to be sooooooooooo... FAT!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy thoughts...

I'm not sure if I've grown a heart since having Yules, but when I hear about such senseless acts, it just makes me so sad! I really can't even begin to grasp why on earth anyone would do such a horrible thing! Sending thoughts and prayers your way Boston!

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, so I thought that I would share a NICE story with you today! It's always uplifting to hear about the good things that humans do!!

Hubby and I were at Walmart yesterday and we picked up a mirror for Yulli's room. When we came home, he noticed that there was a tiny little chip on the frame. No one would probably ever notice... but we are anal and of course noticed! We thought about just hanging it up anyways and ignoring it.... but again, we are anal and of course couldn't ignore it! I wanted Husband to go return it and Husband wanted me to go return it! We settled for me going back to Walmart and him doing our taxes, minding the children and vacuuming!! Pretty good deal in my opinion! It was an even better deal on my end when I got a free McDonalds smoothie that they were handing out! Haha sucks to be Husband! I happily sipped on my free smoothie as I picked out a new mirror and inspected it thoroughly this time! I was happy until... I lined up to pay!! The line-up for the express lane was sooooooo long... so much for being express! I decided to just pay at a regular checkout lane. There was only 2 people ahead of me instead of like 15. Looked like I made the right choice until I noticed that the lady in front of me had enough food in her cart to feed a small village!! Ackkkkkk She seriously had six 4L jugs of milk! How big is her fridge? Then out of no where two kids came by throwing more food into the over-flowing cart and then ran off to grab more things!! Eeek, wasn't looking promising for me! The lady was busy setting things onto the conveyor belt and then looked up at me! There must have been a look of despair on my face... because she told me to go ahead of her!! OMG are you serious?? I politely said it was okay... but she insisted! She said she knew how it felt to be buying a couple things and to be behind someone buying half the store!! I totally took her up on her offer and was outta there in no time!! It seriously made my day!! It's so nice when even strangers can do nice things for each other! See... mankind isn't so bad!! I will definitely pay it forward and try to do this for someone else next time!! Will you?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yulli's 1st "swimming" lesson!

Yules loves the water!! She's always enjoyed bathtime, so it would be natural for us to take her swimming... but we haven't!! BOO we are bad parents!! It's one of those things that we keep saying we will do, but haven't! Plus, taking her to the swimming pool sounds like a logistical nightmare!! I can't even begin to process how it would even go! Changing her, changing yourself... eek no thank you! I know we will have to eventually, but for now swimming at the "local pool" will just have to do!

Yules was pretty apprehensive about the whole idea! Can you see the look of terror in her face? "WHAT?? I'm gonna do what?"
So we sent Kalbs over to reassure her and tell her how fun it will be!!
"Oh alright, I'm only trying it because Kalbs told me to!"
"So I'm supposed to just lay back and chillax?"
"Hmmm... this isn't too shabby! I could get used to this!"
"Ummm excuse me lady... How long do I have to wait for a refill?"
Haha! We are awesome parents!!! Yules really enjoyed "swimming"!! We will definitely have to do it more often!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Ok hands up... how many of you are absolutely in love with Pinterest? Sooooo good! I can spend a good chunk of time loitering around on there! Pinterest has provided me with so much inspiration for our home and I've picked up a few good recipes and craft ideas as well! With the major success of Pinterest, a few other similar social book-marking sites have sprung up too!

There are a few copycat sites that are pretty much Pinterest with a different name like Indulgy and The Fancy! But the new trend is actually gearing the book-marking site towards one specific theme! Here are a few!

  • SpringPad and Postwire for Business people
  • Dribbble for Designers to showcase their work
  • Trippy for Travel
  • StyleGawker for style and fashion
  • and WeddingGawker for Wedding Planning
  • We Heart It for TeenyBoppers
  • Chill for Videos
  • 500px for photograpy (you can also purchase too)
  • I wanna Nom and FoodGawker for foodies
  • Ology for what's trending at the moment
  • Gentlemint and Manteresting for your man
  • DwellingGawker and Project Decor for Home Decor
  • Craftgawker for arts and crafts
    Seriously there are soooooooooooo many I can't list them all! But these are the more popular ones!! Okay go and waste some time browsing already!! What are you waiting for??


    Monday, April 8, 2013

    Happy (Be-lated) Easter!

    Kalbs and Yules wishes everyone a Wonderful Super Fabulous Easter!!

    Oopsies!! Thought I posted this last week... but just noticed that it was sitting in my drafts and I never did actually post it! Oh well better late than never!!

    Leaps and Bounds

    My little monster has decided to grow exponentially these last couple weeks!! She's been keeping me so busy I barely have time to play Candy Crush let alone blog!! Haha!

    Yules has been able to roll over for quite a while now but wasn't really interested in moving around.... well that's changed now!! I left her on the floor in the middle of her room and went to go get something. When I returned 30secs later, her little head was sticking out from underneath her dresser. I returned her back to the middle of the room, turned around and she was now underneath her crib!! YIKES that monster is fast! I moved her back to the middle of her room and watched her like a hawk! She rolled towards the ottoman and crashed into it... then thought it would be a good idea to lick it... decided it tasted good and kept on licking it!! Haha such a curious little George! It seriously seems like yesterday when we would leave her on the kitchen island while we ate dinner! Oh man I miss those days!

    She totally can't be left alone... I actually have to watch my kid now! We've had to move furniture so she can safely partake in her new gross motor activities!! Husband said it's taken only 7 months for this monster to totally take over our home! There is baby stuff EVERYWHERE!! I feel a bit overwhelmed looking at it all! The scary part is that this is just the beginning!

    The monster is also starting to babble away! She loves to scream (in a happy way) and make all sorts of noise, but I would never categorize it as babbling! This weekend she delighted husband by babbling "da-da" over and over! He was convinced she said "Daddy" a couple times! We both know that it sooooooo didn't happen... but it super bothers me that it could happen. I'm the lady that she spends all day with. So I'm that lady that should get the gratification of her first word being "Mama". Grrrrr.... I'm going to be spending some serious time brainwashing her this week to say Mama!! Haha!

    Yulli's hair has also decided to grow! Just last week we went to a Princess Party, and she totally looked like she was rockin' the electrocuted Princess look! Her hair likes to stand straight up like a crazy person.

    We are constantly wetting and combing it and putting a hat on her head to flatten her hair... but it just springs right back up! Now her hair is getting longer so it just kinda flops over! Still sticks up but in a sad kind of way! I thought she looked crazy with her wild hair, but now I'm starting to miss it! Maybe all the rolling is flattening it too!

    My little baby has also decided that she is a big girl and doesn't need to be swaddled anymore!! Haha she's almost 7mos old and still swaddled!! That can't be normal! She would wake up in the morning and there would be these little hands poking up the top of her swaddle! She has become quite skilled at breaking free... so it was really time to unswaddle her! She is now sleeping in a sleep sack!! She's still in her bassinet though... that can't be normal either! I'm not ready for her to sleep in her crib in her own room yet! Forget if she's ready or not... I'm not ready for that!!

    STOP growing already kiddo!!!