Monday, February 18, 2013

Dribble Catcher

My little monster is turning into a total drool monster! Yucky Shmucky! I’m sorry, but drool is not a good look for anyone... no matter how cute you are! You know what’s not a good look either... BIBS!! I know they are practical but they sure know how to ruin the look of a good outfit! So let my kid get drenched in saliva or wear an ugly bib?? Hmmm tough call!! Thank goodness they invented these trendy bandana bibs!! Thank you Moms of the world for seriously thinking of everything!  So now my child can at least look like a hipster while she’s drooling away!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I love this holiday!! Who doesn't? Haters that's who!! Valentine Haters are bitter because they have NO love and they have NO love because they are bitter! You don't need a special day to express your love, you're supposed to show your affection everyday!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Lighten up people! Anti-Valentine peeps think it has been taken over by commercialism... but so what!! Whoop-de-do! You don't have to buy into all of that! And so what if you do!! It's FUN!!
I totally remember decorating empty kleenex boxes or stapling together paper plates and construction paper to create Valentine Holders adorned with pink and red hearts! Not sure about the boys, but us girls would spend hours looking over our stack of cards and over-analyzing every word! Did that boy really give me the card with the little bumble bee saying "Will you bee mine?"? Did he really mean it? Or why did I get the dumb card with the kittens when so-and-so got the one with the Carebears! Or WOW she gave me the Cinderella card, so that must mean we are besties now!! Haha I miss elementary school!!

Valentine's Day is extra special to me because that's when Husband and I had our first date! We made plans to have lunch, not realizing it was Valentine's Day! That's a lot of awkwardness and pressure to have your first date on Valentine's Day! I brought him some mini pink cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles to break the ice! He thought it was a very sweet gesture and that's how I won him over!! Haha little did he know, they were the left over ones that I made my nephew for his Valentine's party at school!! Fast forward 7 years and I don't think we've spent another Valentine's day together again... BOO!! Husband is always conveniently away! Anyways, since it is Yulli's first Valentine's... we decided to make mini pink cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles for the love of our life... Husband/Papa!!
Yules and I had a special V-day playdate today with some of our pals! Here's what we had for lunchies! (Yules got to eat her tasty hand!)

Hope you all are having a fabulous Valentine's day too! Love you all long time! XOXO

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monster's First Trip (Part 2)

We did not feel hungry at all on this trip! I think we ate every few hours! Once we finished a meal, we were in search of the next place to eat! Yup, we are gross like that and soooooooo FAT! Let me set the record straight now and end any speculation.... Yules is NOT expecting a sibling soon.... I am just FAT!
Here are some of the goodies we ate in Korea!



We were in search of a noodle shop that we ate at on our last trip, but sadly we couldn't find it! Instead we stumbled upon a famous kalguksu (handmade chopped noodles) shop! The place was a tiny little hole in the ground that was probably 2 meters wide. The lady spoke to me in Korean... not knowing what she was saying, I put up two fingers to gesture that there were 2 of us. We sat down and within 30 seconds she brought us 2 orders of noodle soup and 2 bowls of cold buckwheat noodles! Looks so simple, but I can't even begin to describe how complex the flavours were and how delish it was! I still dream about this meal!!

Another interesting place we visited was the Noryangjin Fish Market. This place is HUGE, open 24/7 and gets over 30,000 visitors daily. It's a great place to go if you like to eat fresh seafood or sashimi. They pretty much slice up the fish right in front of you. A gigantic plate of fresh sashimi will set you back about 10 bucks! It's a shame I don't eat fish, but you can also pick out whatever seafood you want to eat and have it cooked. They take you to some shady restaurant in the back and cook it for you! The fresh scallops and abalone they bbq for us was yummo!!

We also like to hit up the Food Courts when we visit Seoul. Food Courts there are quite interesting and very sophisticated. There are a bunch of little food stalls to choose from offering different types of cuisine just like at home. The difference is that you order and pay from one central location and your food is served on real plates and bowls not disposable ones. Every stall has fake food samples displayed so you know exactly what you're ordering. I forgot to take a picture, but here is a pic I found on the internet so you know what I'm talking about.

Looks so yummy doesn't it? Once you decide what you want and pay, you get a receipt with a number. Once your number is called on a TV screen, you go to the designated stall to pick up your food. Not too shabby for fast food huh?

There are also a few locations around the food court with water dispensers and UV sanitizers filled with little cups for drinking. Once you're done eating, you return your tray and dishes to the little window beside the stall you got your food from! Pretty organized if you ask me!!
We were tired, jet-lagged and too cold to go out, so we stayed in one night and had a sad but still delish meal of instant noodles and store-bought sashimi (for the husband).


We were in a rush one morning and also had a quick meal at good ol' Mickey D's! I quite enjoyed the Bulgogi burger... I wonder if that will be coming to our McDonalds anytime soon!

Is it kinda gross that we ate all that and much more undocumented goodies... in only 2 and a half days? Told you we're big fatties!! Up next... more fatness in HK!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monster's First Trip (Part 1)

We are finally home after a fantastic (and very different but still fantastic) trip! Here are a few snippets from our first trip with the little monster!

We wanted to bring Yules back to the our first stop was Seoul, Korea! OK ok... so Yules isn't Korean and either am I... but I like to pretend we are... and what better place to pretend then Korea!

Here is the monster super excited about the trip and living it up at the airport lounge! LOL

We were just a tad anxious if she would be a terror-bot on the plane... but the little monster didn't embarrass us and was actually really, really good! We were very pleasantly surprised! She was having a jolly ol' time laying back relaxing, reading her book, watching movies and having a drink!
Yules even took off for about an hour with the flight attendants while her parent's took a nap! Apparently she was getting a private tour of the entire airplane! (I know we are awesome parents!!... I figure if she was going to get kidnapped, they wouldn't get very far!)
Yules was a big time celebrity in Seoul. She got so much attention everywhere we went and she was loving it! (I wonder who she gets that from?) She was basking in all the attention and hamming it up left and right! She smiled and laughed at everyone that looked her way! We seriously couldn't walk more than a few steps without being stopped by people wanting to say hi to her!