Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Self-cleaning Toilets (wishful-thinking)

Anyone building or renovating a bathroom? Well here is something to consider!

If you aren't fortunate to have a maid clean your bathroom and you have to do it yourself like me (first world problems), then you know that it isn't exactly the most desirable task! Cleaning toilets is the worst ICK!!

Besides cleaning the actual toilet, the small space behind the toilet is even worse! You have to get down on your hands and knees and there is all that gross dust that has accumulated there. Admit it, when was the last time you actually cleaned behind there? Hmmm... I thought so. And then there is the awkward pipe shape thingy down there too... ewww! Why couldn't they just make streamline-shaped toilets that go right to the wall? Oh wait-a-minute... they do!!! Check out the toilets we picked for our home!

No need to clean weird pipe shape or small space behind the toilet! SWEET! (Oh the little things that bring joy to my life!)

You can be even more fancy and have a wall mounted toilet! Check out this beauty in our powder room! I never thought I would be referring to a toilet as a beauty... but it sure is one!

BEWARE if you want a toilet like this though! This thing has seriously been the bane of our existence! This beast is built into the wall, so you will need mega structural support. A re-framed wall x2, re-plumbing x2, re-drywall-mudding-taping, re-paint, 3 toilets (plumber broke one and the other was the wrong one) and many months later... this is what you get! But seriously look how sexy it looks! Worth the hastle for sure! I'll post pics of the powder room once I've "stylized" it!

So if you have the luxury of picking out new toilets, keep these things in mind! Soft close lid/seats are a nice bonus too!!

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