Friday, July 26, 2013

I'll be back... (said in my best Arnold voice of course)

Hey friends and creepers!
This little family has had a rough couple weeks to say the least... so please excuse my absence! More on that another time!
My little monster Bellz, is also leaving us soon! Can you believe it's almost been two months?? WOW time sure does fly!! So the next little while will be spent hanging out with her! I'll be back soon! Don't miss me too much! 

Friday, July 12, 2013


I've been dealing with a developing situation this week and I just feel anxious and cruddy! Really CRUDDY!! Trying to keep my mind on other things... but you know how the more you don't want to think about it... the more you can't stop thinking about it! I feel like the Pout Pout Fish... spreading the drearie wrearies all over the place!! Blub... Bluuubbb.... bluuuuubbbbbbbbbb!!!!

On a more pleasant note... you know you have the best photographer/friend when she brings you flowers during a photo-shoot! Ok... so they were a photo prop for Yules! Whatevs! Minor details!! They did put a smile on my face!! So pretty!! I rarely buy fresh flowers cause I'm a cheapo but they sure do look good around the house! I might have to reconsider... or maybe Husband might read this and get my subtle hint!! Hahaha

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why take a bath when....

Who needs a bath when the Kalbster can lick you clean?

Side Note: My little monster is 10 months old!! Seriously? Where has the time gone? Look how much she's grown!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Public Service Announcement!!

Here is my public service announcement of the day!
You know those little spice/seasoning jars that we all have for cooking... You know how you've had them all forever... You know how it seems to last forever... NOT!!! When I went to add some Italian seasoning to my cooking, I noticed that the jar was running low and needed a refill! I looked closer and noticed something funky!! MOLD!! Yup, mold, my Italian seasoning was growing mold!!! EWWWWWW I just wanna barf!! Those things aren't supposed to go bad... but apparently they do!! So do yourselves a favour and check your spices for mold or just throw stuff out when you think that it's just way too long for food to stay good!! I tried to document the mold for you, but it was hard to take a good pic! If you look closely, you can see the fuzzy white mold! Again, BARF!! Not a fan at all!! PS. Sorry If I've fed you something laced with mold lately (or not so lately... since I have no idea how long that mold has been there)!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Might as well...

I wouldn't want to offend the rabbits and their "offerings"... so I might as well take advantage of the wild pretties they left me!! Nothing like a bouquet of wild flowers to make it feel like summer!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Nightstands!

Do you guys know how impossible it is to find nightstands?? My nightstand for the last year has been this awesome green Rubbermaid bin!!
It has a flat surface to set your drink and cell phone on top! It also has tonnes of space for storage inside as well!! Unfortunately it doesn't quite match the décor look I was going for in my bedroom!! I seriously know a good handful of peeps that are also rocking storage bin as nightstands!! One friend has had them for over 5 years and has given up on finding nightstands!! And another friend has even gone as far as buying bins to match the color of her bedding!! I sure hope that this trend doesn't catch on... because it is UGG-goo-LY!!!

Enough was enough!! I needed to get me some nightstands!! The problem I was having was that all the nightstands I liked were too short!! Our old ones were actually the perfect height! They fit in our old bedroom quite nicely! Unfortunately, they looked a little small and dinky in our new larger bedroom! Their new home is now in the guest room where they look quite nice! So I've been on the hunt for a similar nightstand just a little wider for our bedroom... but with zero luck!! Tall, wide and simple nightstands do NOT exist!! I started to expand my search to include occasional tables and sofa end tables which are generally wider! The problem is that they usually have no storage! I also thought of getting a dresser but was worried that it might look very visually heavy anchoring both sides of the bed! So I gave up looking and hence the reason why I have had a green storage bin as a nightstand for the last year!!

Husband and I had some time to kill before our matinee movie date the other day, so we popped into Ikea!! Good ol' Ikea is so much better without a baby in tow btw!! Anyways, I spotted the Malm 3 drawer dresser and noted that it was a good height... maybe a tad tall! Plus it looked very solid... solid as in one big honkin' chunk of dark wood! Not so good!

I walked away... but some cosmic force kept pulling me back towards the Malm! Images of Malm Ikea hacks kept popping up in my head! Look how good these hacks look: (

Can you believe how good these look? And all from the same plain Jane Malm dresser!! I was convinced I could make this dresser work as a nightstand! Plus with an Ikea price-tag, Husband was all for it!! So we dragged two of these dressers home and I put Husband to work building them!! Yup that's what you do when you're old and it's your anniversary... you build Ikea furniture!! Haha!!
In the end, I decided that all these dressers needed were some nice handles! Luckily we had a box of left over kitchen cabinet pulls, so no need to spend anymore moola!! If any of you are interested in a hack, seriously check out they have decorative panels for all sorts of Ikea furniture!! I'm itching to try them, so I might have to make up a new project sometime in the future!!

Anyways, here's how our bedroom looks with our new dresser-nightstands!! Oh yah, we got new lamps too!! Husband picked out some old people lamps... but I decided that I don't want to be old! So I made the executive decision to get these trendy looking clear turquoise glass lamps!! I have a thing for clear coloured glass right now!! Pat on the back for me for injecting a tiny little bit of color into our space!! What do you think? Better than the storage bin? Haha!