Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Girl Dresses

Who doesn't ooo and ahhh when they walk past a rack full of sweet little girl dresses? Someone with no heart that's who! Nothing makes my black, icy, cold heart melt faster than cute girly dresses... except maybe puppies... puppies probably wins over dresses! But anyways... baby girl dresses make me swoon!!

Yules wears a dress probably every single day... even at home! I'm not even exaggerating! The girl loves her some dresses... not that she has a choice in the matter! I'll be pretty sad when she goes through rebellious-tomboy-I-hate-dresses phase!! I might even go as far as saying that Yules has her own signature look! If you've ever met the girl, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! I can also go as far as saying that I might be a baby girl dress expert!! Haha... here are some tips for buying baby girl dresses whether it be for your own kid or as a gift!

1. Look for dresses that don't have a thick sash/ribbon that ties in the back! Babies sit in their carseat or lay down most of the time and that big knot (as cute as it may be) doesn't make it very comfortable for them!

2. Look for dresses without that scrunchy, scratchy, itchy tulle... again not comfy for babies! You can also simply unstitch the layer of tulle from the dress... I've done that on a few occasions! There are lots of dresses with the softer tulle that will give you the same voluminous effect if that's what you are after!

3. If your baby is wearing the dress in the winter time, chances are that you will pair it with a cardigan! Keeping that in mind, choose dresses that don't have an embellishment like a giant flower on the chest or waist! A giant bump underneath your cardigan doesn't look so hot!

4. I always like to put a onesie underneath her dresses. Babies move around a lot and are always being carried, causing their dresses to lift up and exposing their bellies! We wouldn't want those cute little milk bellies to get cold! The dresses with the built in onesie are super handy when they are little!
Try and look for tank top onesies! Most dresses are sleeveless and it really puts a dent in the look when a onesie sleeve is peeking out of the dress! I've even gone as far as cutting sleeves off of onesies to create my own onesie tank top! Thank goodness it's "warm" and they sell such a thing now! You can bet that I've bought every single size so she will have them ready to wear all year long under her dresses!

Ok that's all! Happy dress shopping!


  1. The most important thing about getting baby clothes is knowing which one is right for your baby.

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  2. Haha, so THAT'S where all the tank top onesies went. It is seriously so hard to look for them, and I bet you picked them all up...haha! JK.
    Carters is the only brand I know that make nice "undershirts", where else do you buy them?