Wednesday, November 21, 2012

City & Yules

Those of you who don't have little ones... ENJOY IT!! Life once you have a kid is not the same and will never ever be the same! I've been waiting for things to go back to normal around here and am slowly coming to the realization that THIS is the new normal! So, go ahead and be super selfish, have lots of ME time and let your schedule revolve around YOU!
For those of you that do have little ones... ENJOY IT!! I can't believe how much the monster has grown and has grown on me! Kids really do grow up too fast, so treasure every moment!
Like I mentioned before, taking the monster out is lots of work and coordination, so I prefer to leave her at home! No one really wants to drag a baby out in Edmonton weather anyways! I think I've only taken Yules out alone ONCE!! Haha! It's much easier with Husband around to help.
Unfortunately, I won't have much of a life and Yules won't have much of a childhood if we stay home all the time! So where can we go? What is there to do with a baby?

City and Baby to the rescue! This website encourages parents to get out of the house by listing events and activities each week for you to do with your child! Pretty sweet website that does all the research for you! So get out and go do something (I'll join you... one of these days *sigh*)!

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  1. I know how you feel! I was the same way with seemed like such a hassle to pack him and the diaper bag up just to run to the store or wherever! I had the "what ifs"...what if he cries while we're driving? What if he needs to be fed while I'm out and I can't warm up the formula? What if I need to change his diaper?

    LOL, it does get easier...when Baby #2 comes, I think I will be waaaayyy more active with Baby than I was with J as I think with time comes experience and less nerves...we'll do some baby outings together in the new year :)