Wednesday, May 22, 2013


"You're MEAN" said Husband! He has said that to me on more than one occasion lately! He says all I do is YELL! Well excuse me if I am less than pleased with his behavior lately! The man is gone all week long and when he comes home I expect him to be present, engaging and playing with Kalbs and Yules! The man has this unbelievable ability to fall asleep in an instant! He'll say he's tired and next thing you know, he is out cold, snoring away and deep in a REM cycle!! For Realz?? He gets uninterrupted sleep all week long... there is seriously no reason he should be taking a nap when he gets home!! He could at least wait till the kid is napping to nap! Noooooo... he'll be playing with her one second and snoring the next! He has no idea what kind of trouble the monster is getting into while he is "resting his eyes"! I'm seriously afraid to leave him alone with the kid! Grrrrr... If it's anyone that needs a nap... it's ME!!!

So perhaps I may YELL from time to time... but I have good reason to! Don't I? Well actually NO... I have no good reason to be yelling!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is okay to feel upset, mad, frustrated etc... but it is not okay to yell! I actually don't feel better after yelling and no one feels good after being yelled at!! When I say "yell", I don't mean that I'm freaking out and going ape crazy... but I'm not exactly being pleasant either! There are much better ways to express how you feel and get your message across!! This is sooooooo much more important now that we have Yules!! I don't want to yell at my child and I don't want my child watching me yell nor do I want her picking up that trait!

I came across this amazing blog today... and it served as a wonderful reminder at how important it is to keep emotions in check and express oneself in an appropriate manner!! I totally love this blog! It is called the Orange Rhino Challenge and written by a Mama of 4 boys that found herself constantly yelling! She challenged herself to not yell for a whole year! She is now onto year two of her challenge!! Check it out if you have time!!

Sorry for yelling and being mean!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kim says...

I've learned that when it comes to babies... EVERYONE has an opinion and feels like they need to give you advice!! Luckily, I've learned that everyone has good intentions and just means well... therefore I just nod and smile!!

Anyways, I was telling some friends about some of the interesting things that Kim has said to me in regards to Yulli! And by interesting I mean completely WHACK!! Like so whack that it's funny!
My little monster is not anorexic skinny but she's not a giant by any means either. Kim is always so concerned that she is thin, so I must be doing something wrong!! Here are just some of the comments she has made:

1. Yulli is so thin because I don't warm up her milk! She makes it seem like I am the most evil human being in the world because I don't warm up my child's milk. It's not frozen, it's not even cold, her milk is room temperature. If my child is easy going and doesn't need it warmed up... why on earth would I need to make more work for myself?

2. Yulli is so thin because she gets too much exercise! Apparently I shouldn't put her in the Jolly Jumper too much because it's making her thin! It's a wonder that I am not morbidly obese, if Kim is against getting too much physical activity!

3. Yulli is so thin because I don't let her drink enough water! She is sooooooo dehydrated from me depriving her of water that she just can't grow!

Haha that is just a sampling of the interesting things that Kim has said to me! She seriously makes me laugh!! Anyways, here is some proof that we feed our child!!

Kim will probably say that Yulli is so thin because I didn't comb her hair!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Shoes = Love

My bestie and I came up with this "theory" in high school but she doesn't really remember (must be her old age haha), so I'm going to take full credit for it! I will by no means write a thesis on it, but I'll take the credit!! Haha

The theory is simple: If someone buys you shoes it means they LOVE you! Think about it... have you ever received shoes from someone that doesn't love you? Moms buy you shoes, grandmas, aunties, daughters... people who love you, buy you shoes! I'm talking about REAL shoes, not slippers or flip flops... the real and personal and intimate kind of shoes!! So if a boy buys you shoes, it means he "L"s you! Not the little "l" but the Big "L"... as in he loves you!! Whether he knows it or not, giving you shoes is a big grand gesture of LOVE!

So when Husband gave me my first pair of shoes from him, I knew he was madly head over heels in love with me!! Haha!
Naturally I wanted to feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day, so I asked for shoes!! Husband and I are way past surprises, so I told him exactly what I wanted! I was even with him when he bought them!! Haha! The shoes are nice (of course, since I picked them out) but it was the card that accompanied them that I loved even more!!
The envelope was addressed to the 3 different me's from my 3 favourite people in the whole world! I was impressed with how it was even color coordinated!!
Inside was a card that contained a message from each of them! I'm sure Husband was probably just being frugal and didn't want to buy 3 different cards, but I thought it was super cute!!

I think Husband's attempt at making little paw prints on behalf of Kalbs is my favourite part!! Haha!!

I felt very loved this weekend and hope that all of you did too!! And think twice next time someone gives you shoes!! LOL!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Yippee! I get to celebrate my very first Mother's Day this year!
I remember long, long ago when I was being a total brat and wanted a Mother's Day present... even though I wasn't a mother! Haha I just really wanted a present!! So of course Husband spoiled me and bought me a little something and gave me this card!

Haha that seems like soooooo... long ago!! A good friend said that "being a mom is HARD work, and a little acknowledgment of that on Mother's Day is all that she asks for"! Now I know exactly what she means!! But a little present is kinda nice too!! LOL!

Have a great Mother's Day for all you Mamas and "future, potential mother to-be"!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kalbi 2-Point-O

I was reminded of this little guy yesterday when Kim pointed out that he looked just like Kalbs! Ughhh... that's the whole point we got it mother!! LOL
I picked him up a while back at good ol' Homesense! He is a quieter and calmer version of the Kalbster and helps guard the front entrance! We call him Kalbi 2.0! I was tempted to paint a big black eye on him... but I didn't! Haha!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yulli's Nursery

Yulli's room generates quite a bit of interest and traffic to this blog. Many of you have asked to see more... ask and you shall receive!! So I thought I would share her room with you today!

I loved decorating this room and am pretty happy with how it has turned out! Yules didn't have much of an opinion in the matter! I'm sure that's going to change over time! Haha!
I had a difficult time deciding on a direction or theme.... as per usual! I pretty much love everything and have commitment issues! One of the things that I learned when decorating a nursery is to actually NOT have a theme! Most people chose a theme like elephants to start with. You can still incorporate elephants into your design but the new approach to nurseries is to design it with a FEEL! How do you want the space to feel? Bright and Cheery? Romantic and Sweet? Eclectic and Funky? Earthy and Organic? Elegant and Traditional? You get the idea! I wanted Yulli's room to feel modern and chic and of course very girly!!

1. I knew I wanted a grey crib! Actually I was borderline obsessive about wanting a grey crib! The only grey crib available here was the Oeuf Sparrow Crib! It's a beautiful and timeless crib that sadly also had a price tag to match!! Boo!

There was seriously slim pickins for modern grey cribs! The only other crib I found was this one. It is the BabyMod Modena and available at Walmart and Target! And it was only $199... SCORE!!
I was giddy like a little school girl when I found this crib... that is until..... I realized they don't ship to here! Of course they don't!! So then I started exploring my options. I researched how much it would cost for someone in the US to buy it and mail it to me! Or maybe get someone travelling there to lug it back on the plane. Or take a little road trip across the border and drag it home! In the end all my options seemed like a big hassle for a crib!
My dreams of a grey crib were slowly drifting away! I even considered buying a cheapy crib from Ikea and painting it grey! But then you gotta get into the whole which paints are safe for baby deal! It was looking like I would either have to scrap the grey crib idea or suck it up and buy the Oeuf one! Boo! Then miraculously, grey cribs became all the rage and everyone wanted one! And POOF one day this crib was suddenly available! Demand and Supply baby!
This is the Babyletto Hudson Crib! Kinda looks like the Oeuf one but with a much better price tag!! And I also liked that the grey was a cooler shade of grey!! I was once again super giddy like a fat kid in a candy store!! This is the crib we ended up getting and I am really happy with it! It also comes with a toddler rail! Sweet!
2. When we bought the crib we also ordered a dresser and a glider/ottoman! We decided on a Dutailier glider. They are well known in the glider world and we loved the modern but comfortable feel of them! Pricey but worth it in my opinion!
We also purchased a dresser which was kinda an impulse-get-it-all-over-with buy.... but I LOVE it!! It has clean lines that hopefully won't go out of style and is SOLID and will last forever!! Unfortunately I don't think they make the exact one we purchased anymore but there are similar styles! It is from AP Industries. They have gorgeous modern furniture that is seriously built to last!
3. Besides being obsessed with the grey crib, I was also obsessed with having a striped focal wall! You can read all about that ordeal here! I was also obsessed with chevron stripes and wanted to incorporate that into the room too. (WOW I was obsessed with so many elements in this room!) I ordered gorgeous chevron bedding from I really liked this website! You can design your own bedding and they have so many options to help you visualize what it will look like. You can choose the color of your crib and even the wall/trim/floor color of your room so you have a better idea of how it will look! They had every crib color under the sun... except for grey!! Haha! So I still had to use my imagination!!

4. You will notice that there are lots of elephants in her room! But do you also notice that they are incorporated into the room but you would never ever really think that it is the theme of the room!! For some reason I had an elephant infatuation while I was preggos! The elephant lamp was actually the very first thing I bought for her nursery! I saw it at Winners while shopping with a girlfriend, but didn't buy it because there was a tiny little chip on one of the ears. I came home and still thought about it and was kinda kicking myself for not getting it! You know when you see something at Winners, you get it because chances are it won't be there the next day! I was still obsessing over it and kinda EMO, so I dragged Husband there a couple days later and just my luck it was still there, so I grabbed it quickly!! He was kinda hesitant to buy it because we were in the process of moving and didn't need yet another thing to pack and move. He preferred for us to purchase things after the move, but he also knew not to say no to an EMO pregnant lady! The little chip was a quick fix with a little white nail polish! I almost forgot it was there! The little silver elephant piggy bank is also from Winners. (Do you still call it a piggy bank since it's an elephant? Or do you call it an elephank? Hmmm...I don't know whatever!) The little pink elephant was from Bouclair on clearance for I think 49cents but it was an ugly color so I just simply painted it pink. And of course there is Mr. Elephant which I picked up from Ikea! He is sooooooooo cute but Husband and most of you guys think he is creepy looking. You can read about that here! Most of the stuffies in her room were gifts except for Mr. Elephant of course and the pink bunny! Not sure if it was the preggo hormones or what, but I had to have that bunny! It was a pretty expensive little bunny... well more than I would like to spend on those type of things! It is a JellyCat bunny from Indigo and I really think it completes the room! I love it so much that I'm not sure if Yules will be allowed to play with it!! Haha!

5. Many of the little accessories in her room are DIY projects; some of which I've blogged about in the past.
-Giraffe word art
-Painted Ceramic Owl
-The letters are from Michaels and were also painted pink! Seriously that tiny 99cent bottle of acrylic paint has gotten some good use in this room!
-The hanging tissue paper pompoms were made by my girlfriends as decorations for my baby shower! They were so cute and matched the room so well that I decided to just hang them up.
-The photo ledges weren't DIY... I thought about it since there are a billion tutorials floating around and it seemed simple... but in the end we just bought them from good ol' Ikea!
-The rug I talked a little about here and here.

If there's anything that I didn't mention and you want to know more about, just ask! Anyways... after all that I'm sure you just wanna see pics of her nursery already!! Well here it is ENJOY!


And here's a pic of a bunch of sweet little girl dresses for you guys to oooooo and ahhhhh over!! Melts my heart everytime! LOL


Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Girl Dresses

Who doesn't ooo and ahhh when they walk past a rack full of sweet little girl dresses? Someone with no heart that's who! Nothing makes my black, icy, cold heart melt faster than cute girly dresses... except maybe puppies... puppies probably wins over dresses! But anyways... baby girl dresses make me swoon!!

Yules wears a dress probably every single day... even at home! I'm not even exaggerating! The girl loves her some dresses... not that she has a choice in the matter! I'll be pretty sad when she goes through rebellious-tomboy-I-hate-dresses phase!! I might even go as far as saying that Yules has her own signature look! If you've ever met the girl, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! I can also go as far as saying that I might be a baby girl dress expert!! Haha... here are some tips for buying baby girl dresses whether it be for your own kid or as a gift!

1. Look for dresses that don't have a thick sash/ribbon that ties in the back! Babies sit in their carseat or lay down most of the time and that big knot (as cute as it may be) doesn't make it very comfortable for them!

2. Look for dresses without that scrunchy, scratchy, itchy tulle... again not comfy for babies! You can also simply unstitch the layer of tulle from the dress... I've done that on a few occasions! There are lots of dresses with the softer tulle that will give you the same voluminous effect if that's what you are after!

3. If your baby is wearing the dress in the winter time, chances are that you will pair it with a cardigan! Keeping that in mind, choose dresses that don't have an embellishment like a giant flower on the chest or waist! A giant bump underneath your cardigan doesn't look so hot!

4. I always like to put a onesie underneath her dresses. Babies move around a lot and are always being carried, causing their dresses to lift up and exposing their bellies! We wouldn't want those cute little milk bellies to get cold! The dresses with the built in onesie are super handy when they are little!
Try and look for tank top onesies! Most dresses are sleeveless and it really puts a dent in the look when a onesie sleeve is peeking out of the dress! I've even gone as far as cutting sleeves off of onesies to create my own onesie tank top! Thank goodness it's "warm" and they sell such a thing now! You can bet that I've bought every single size so she will have them ready to wear all year long under her dresses!

Ok that's all! Happy dress shopping!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have zero, zippo, nada, nothing for yah...

Hiyah Pals!

Want to know one of things that super annoys me? Well regardless if you want to know or not, I'm going to tell you! I'll assume you want to know since you are creeping around here!

As part of my daily routines, I have a list of blogs that I check each day! I love checking what's on sale on the coupon blogs, I love creeping on the other moms and seeing what they have been up to, I love getting inspired by the decorating blogs... What I don't love is when there has been NO activity on the blog! It super annoys me when nothing has been blogged!! Sooooo annoying! There are a few blogs that I love, where if I'm lucky they may blog a couple times a day and then there may be week long dry spells!! Haha that doesn't remind me of anyone I know at all!! Must be a karma thing for holding out on you guys!

Truth is I have zero, zippo, nada, nothing to write about! I've been pretty uninspired lately! So now I have to resort to writing about how I have nothing to write about to entertain you guys! Haha oh dear, this blog is going no where fast!! Anyways, to make up for having nothing of interest or value to write about, I'll share one of my favorite blogs with you!

The blog is called TheBooandTheBoy. She's a Canadian Mama, that blogs regularly and consistently! She won't be MIA like me all the time! What I like about her blog is that most of the time she just posts lots and lots of pictures. The pictures are mostly of kid rooms and on Friday's she posts fashion pics! She occasionally shares personal stories too!

You can creep over there while I figure things out over here!