Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cancer Carrot

So I bought this GIANT carrot last week to make soup broth! I got husband to hold it up next to my phone so you could fully grasp what a monsterous carrot it actually is!

Kim (my mother) came over, saw it in the fridge and yelled at me! She told me that it was from China, had crazy chemicals and if I ate it, I would get Cancer and die! Sounds extreme, but it did scare me a little bit! I was going to throw it away but I hate throwing away perfectly good food... but I also didn't want to catch me some Cancer either! I decided that I would place it outside for all the little bunnies running around! There are sooooooo... many of them outside! They must be starving because they were chomping on the weeds in our backyard! Husband said that I was going to turn them into crazy mutant rabbits from the carrot! Better them than me I guess!
So anyways, I went outside to the backyard and stuck it in the snow!
Husband thinks it looks like a giant ummm "thing" sticking out of the snow! YES, we are totally immature like that! Haha! Anyways, do you guys think the rabbits will eat it? Or will they know better and reject the carrot? Do you think they will turn into mutants? How many days do you give it, till it disappears? I say it will be gone by morning! I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on the carrot-rabbit situation! I bet you're just dying to know!! Haha!

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