Friday, November 2, 2012

Word Cloud Art

Did you notice the super awesome picture of a giraffe in Yulli's room? It is actually a word cloud in the shape of a giraffe! I customized it by picking all the words and color combinations etc. I did this using a nifty little program called Tagxedo!!

Tagxedo is super awesome and FREE which makes it the best thing ever! It is a little confusing to figure out at first, but once you play around with it a bit, it's pretty straightforward. There are many options and lots you can do with the program, but I just wanted to create cute wall art so I didn't dive in too deep!

Once you've created your picture, simple save it and print. I chose to send it to an online photoshop (like Black's or Walmart) to have it printed on photopaper. I think it makes it look a little less homemade!!! Homemade doesn't have to look homemade! Slap this puppy in a frame and ta-da you have custom art!!

Here is one that I made for Kalbster! It's in the shape of a bulldog!!

Did I mention that Tagxedo is FREE! Yuppers, FREE baby! So for a few bucks (price of the print and frame) you can create some super cute custom artwork too! Custom equals FANCY!! Cheap, easy and fancy... what more can you ask for? Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?? LOL

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