Sunday, December 30, 2012

Practical and Portable

Yules was spoiled with a Toys R Us gift card (amongst many many other thing this Holiday season) so I thought we would spend it on something practical! Haha ME?? PRACTICAL??? I know, I'm like a different person! Motherhood is changing me! Anyways, we picked up a new diaper bag! Okay, so we already have two diaper bags, why do we need another one?... I'm getting to the practical part I promise!
I had a play date recently and my girlfriend showed me the best diaper bag ever! It wasn't particularly pretty or designer but it had a little extra feature that I've never seen before. It's called the SootheTIME Good-To-Go Tote!

Tucked away in the little compartment at the bottom is a portable rest area!

You can whip that sucker out anytime you need to put your child down somewhere safe!
I think it will be awesome to take along on our upcoming trip! It will gives Yules a safe place to nap or sleep. It will also be convenient on little trips like visiting the grandparents for the day!

I do find that this bag is slightly heavy though. So if you are going somewhere where the bassinet thingy isn't needed, I would recommend leaving it behind. The bag is also quite shallow but you can still fit LOTS of stuff in there. And when the kid outgrows the portable rest area, you can use it to store things in.
What do you think? Practical and portable! What more could you ask for?

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