Friday, December 7, 2012

Embracing wrinkled sheets!

I know each and every single one of you irons your sheets to meticulously remove every single darn wrinkle. I know you all make your bed neatly, fluff the pillows and rearrange the cushions til they are perfect every morning! Right? Right! I'm the only lazy person that doesn't do that right? Right! So of course your sheets don't look like this:
D Sharon Pruitt
Arghhh I hate it when our sheets look like this! It looks so nappy! Even the expensive high thread count sheets look like this! I refuse to waste precious time ironing sheets! I have better things to do... like sleeping in my wrinkled sheets! Hehe! But I came up with a new plan to tackle wrinkles... embrace them! Duvet covers that have the wrinkly, crinkly textured look is IN! Yup, you heard me right! Wrinkled sheets are trendy! Haha this is my type of trend! This is what our new duvet cover looks like!

Looks good enough to sleep in!


  1. Hello, I love this look of duvet cover, can you let me know where you bought it, i'm looking for a cream coloured one.

    1. These sheets are from Ikea and I believe they have a cream colored one too!