Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Gift wrap

I am just about done my Christmas shopping this year! Normally I am pretty efficient and would already be done but since I have this new thing where I don't leave the house much, it makes it kinda hard! (total run-on sentence?) Anyways, now I have to wrap all the presents! I usually love wrapping presents and taking the time to make sure it looks special! There is something about a visually appealing present that just makes what's inside even better! But there are so many at Christmas time and I'm lazy! I have to be like an efficient wrapping machine and get 'er done! That doesn't mean that they are going to look nappy though! I still have standards people! (Although I will admit the last few gifts I cranked out were kinda sad looking! Shoved in a gift bag and stuffed with tissue paper! Whatever, I had a baby... that`s my excuse and I`m going to use it as long as I can!)

So here is my first tip to share with you! I buy lots of stuff at H&M through-out the year! I like their clothes, so does husband and Yules and I take my nephew there lots too! Anyways, every time I buy something there, I always ask for a box! If I buy 5 items, I ask for 5 boxes! The boxes are FREE and nice too! They always have boxes and they always have different styles! Sometimes they have gift bags instead of boxes... which I actually like better! So how does that save you time you ask? Well the boxes/bags have designs on them, so it looks like it is already wrapped! Genius I tell you! So pretty much all you have to do is tie on some nice ribbon and voila you saved trees and time!
My second tip is use NICE ribbon! Don't cheap out on the ribbon! You already saved money from not having to buy the box, wrapping paper and tape... so splurge a little and get the nice ribbon! Trust me, it makes a big difference!

These gifts are in H&M boxes/bags! They have lots of different designs, shapes and sizes depending on which store you hit up! Minimal effort, but I think they look really good!
Kalbs even helped out with the Christmas wrapping! He helped tie the ribbon on this gift for his BFF!

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