Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays

Husband pointed out that I didn't wish my loyal readers a Merry Christmas! Oops my bad!! Well better late than never! Hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season! All the best from Kalbs and Yules!
Ps. Husband didn't want to be part of my blog, so my other hubbie had to step in!!
Pps. Looks like a lovely family pic but it was quite the ordeal to get Kalbs, Yules and Husband to cooperate! Husband and Kalbs didn't want to wear their dumb hats. Kalbs didn't want to sit still after eating his treat. Yules refused to look at the camera. Husband complained that Kalbs was getting fur all over his sweater! I was seriously sweating from pressing the button on the camera, running like mad to pick up the kid and get in the frame, fix Yules' dress so her crotch wasn't showing, fix my hair, put on my hat (which fell off) and SMILE all before the timer ran out! Oh so much Christmas JOY!!

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