Friday, December 7, 2012

Boo on you The Bay

Today's rant is courtesy of The Bay!

I used to shop at The Bay because department stores are your one stop shop for everything and it was a Canadian company... which it no longer is! Ever since they got bought out, The Bay has really made an effort to be trendier and more competitive! They have introduced new brands, online shopping, a mobile app and even offer daily deals! It is a shame that (aside from their Southgate location) their stores look so visually unappealing! They can be selling the same merchandise as other stores but when I walk through, I don't want to buy anything! I can't even pinpoint what it is but I don't have an uncontrollable urge to spend money there... and trust me, I get that urge a lot!!
I recently watched a piece on Sunday Morning about how department stores are dying and are trying to reinvent themselves! You can watch it here! Pretty interesting! Remember how we used to go to department stores with our parents to buy pretty much everything? Remember Eatons and Woodwards? Haha I'm old! Now when you hit up WEM, do you guys even step into The Bay or Sears? Don't even get me started on Zellers! Thank goodness that store is so done with!
Anyways, back to me ranting about The Bay! In trying to get my business, they usually offer these $25 savings cards if you spend $75. Sounds like a good deal, except in the tiny print at the bottom, it says you have to use that $25 savings card on another purchase of $100 and only on a certain day and only on certain items! A good deal is no longer a good deal when you put so many restrictions on it! Their second attempt at gaining my business is through daily deals! I love me some daily deals! I'll have to admit that their daily deals are pretty sweet! The other day they had 50% off ladies boots, or 75% off nice pots and pans! Today was $315 off of a nice suit Husband might have liked! Only problem is that every single time I've tried to score one of these awesome deals, it is sold out! They must have like ONE of each item on sale! Obviously, they are luring me to their website with these daily deals, but I'm never going to come back if you have nothing left for me to buy! Sheesh!
You and I are OVER The Bay! Well that is until you send me another one of those $20 vouchers to spend on almost anything for being such a loyal customer!!

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