Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week(s) in Review

It's been another busy couple weeks!

1) Yules got her ears pierced! (at Merle Norman in case you are wondering) She did great! A couple tears, a hug and then all was forgiven! I would recommend them if it's something you are considering!

2) Monster also got her photo taken for her passport! She wouldn't stop smiling! You're not allowed to smile... I wonder why? Anyone know?

3) Kalbs and I tried a new recipe we found on Pinterest! The little monster has the biggest sweet tooth! You can find the recipe here! It is chocolate chip cookies with Rice Krispies! Sounded intriguing... so we gave it a try! We changed the chocolate chips to peanut butter chips so Kalbs could have some! Kalbs loved them... but they weren't WOW enough for me to make again! Weird texture from the Rice Krispies, but maybe you're into that!

4) Picked up this fabulous toy basket for the monster! She only has like two toys, but I have a feeling it won't be long before her stuff takes over the house! (Look how cute Mr. Elephant looks! Admit it, he is growing on you guys!)

5) Yules and I left the house this week by ourselves... 3 whole times!! YUP Pat on the back for us! We had an impromptu play-date, a planned play-date and even made it to a Mom's group!

6) I went to the happiest place on earth... HomeSense! Picked up these super awesome lamps for the foyer! My lamp criteria list was pretty specific! I was looking for something really tall, slim, clear glass, sparkly and of course cheap! Well 4 out of 5 isn't bad! No sparkly hanging jewels but I'll live! Maybe that will be my next DIY! These beauties will look good there all year long!

7) Also picked up the mini pine tree for the Foyer! My father will be proud of me for finally getting a living plant! It's from good ol' Walmart for only 12 bucks! I wanted the house to smell like Christmas... but sadly for 12 bucks it doesn't smell like Christmas or much of anything! :( I like the simplicity of it but am debating whether or not to adorn it with a few ornaments! What do you think?

8) Snipped off a few branches from my scent-free tree and made a little festive arrangement! It's beginning to look like Christmas around here!
9) Was checking out one of my favourite blogs Centsational Girl... and was reminded that you can never have too many ornaments! A big vessel of ornaments is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home look more Christmassy!
10) I`ve been in a little baking mood... so NOT normal! Those who know me, know I don`t bake! And when I bake, I don`t bake well! Something about not following directions well! Anyways, Yules and I baked up some ginger cookies we found here... and surprisingly they weren`t too shabby! They even look legit! Now the house smells like Christmas!!

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