Friday, December 14, 2012

Yulli's Christmas Picks

Okay here are a few of Yulli's picks for Christmas books!

The first book is called Why I Love Christmas Illustrated by Daniel Howard and written by children. 

A large part of my job is documenting what children say, so I love that the words are from children. I definitely will be documenting the things that Yules says, so I think this would be a great Christmas tradition to start. I think if I asked her why she loves Christmas, her response this year would probably be
"ahhh... uh uhhh... burp!". Next year might be "toy" or "tree", and then as she grows hopefully her responses will become a little more sophisticated! One of the kids in the book said "I love Christmas because... everyone takes naps!" Haha I can just imagine that his family had a big meal and then they all had food comas! It's a simple book, but sometimes simple is all you need, especially with the little ones! There is also super cute animal illustrations that kids love!

The next book is called Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones.
This is a beautiful book... the words and the paintings are so amazing! It's a children's book but I think anyone young or old would enjoy it! This story shows the anticipation of baby Jesus through the perspective of animals, nature and all of God's creations. Very poetic and lyrical... guess that's why the title says song DUH! Anyways, love the book and you will too!
Yulli's last pick is A Porcupine in a Pine Tree: A Canadian 12 Days of Christmas by Helaine Becker.

This book is based on the classic song The 12 days of Christmas but with a Canadian spin. You pretty much have to sing the words as you read the book! I love the illustrations of Mounties eating donuts which I'll assume is Timmies! It's super cute! I think this book would have been better if it included poutine and Oilers!
Okay there you have it! Go read a book!

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