Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy thoughts...

I'm not sure if I've grown a heart since having Yules, but when I hear about such senseless acts, it just makes me so sad! I really can't even begin to grasp why on earth anyone would do such a horrible thing! Sending thoughts and prayers your way Boston!

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, so I thought that I would share a NICE story with you today! It's always uplifting to hear about the good things that humans do!!

Hubby and I were at Walmart yesterday and we picked up a mirror for Yulli's room. When we came home, he noticed that there was a tiny little chip on the frame. No one would probably ever notice... but we are anal and of course noticed! We thought about just hanging it up anyways and ignoring it.... but again, we are anal and of course couldn't ignore it! I wanted Husband to go return it and Husband wanted me to go return it! We settled for me going back to Walmart and him doing our taxes, minding the children and vacuuming!! Pretty good deal in my opinion! It was an even better deal on my end when I got a free McDonalds smoothie that they were handing out! Haha sucks to be Husband! I happily sipped on my free smoothie as I picked out a new mirror and inspected it thoroughly this time! I was happy until... I lined up to pay!! The line-up for the express lane was sooooooo long... so much for being express! I decided to just pay at a regular checkout lane. There was only 2 people ahead of me instead of like 15. Looked like I made the right choice until I noticed that the lady in front of me had enough food in her cart to feed a small village!! Ackkkkkk She seriously had six 4L jugs of milk! How big is her fridge? Then out of no where two kids came by throwing more food into the over-flowing cart and then ran off to grab more things!! Eeek, wasn't looking promising for me! The lady was busy setting things onto the conveyor belt and then looked up at me! There must have been a look of despair on my face... because she told me to go ahead of her!! OMG are you serious?? I politely said it was okay... but she insisted! She said she knew how it felt to be buying a couple things and to be behind someone buying half the store!! I totally took her up on her offer and was outta there in no time!! It seriously made my day!! It's so nice when even strangers can do nice things for each other! See... mankind isn't so bad!! I will definitely pay it forward and try to do this for someone else next time!! Will you?

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