Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Kalbi!

We are seriously BAD people!! The WORST Parents in the World!! We forgot Kalbster's Birthday!! Our sweet little puppy turned 4 a couple weeks ago and we completely forgot!! BOO we suck!! I was thinking ahead to Yulli's birthday in September and pondering party ideas or whether or not to even have a party! Then it dawned on me that it was Kalbi's birthday and that we missed it!! YIKES we are bad people!!
So to make up for it, we planned a little party for him! I'm not sure if you would really call it a party... more like a little spoil him rotten session... to make up for forgetting!!
Yules and I made him a two tiered heart shaped princess cake! Yules' idea of course!! Haha!
I bet you are wondering if we are actually going to let him eat any of that... you betcha we are!! Kalbs has a little bit of a sweet tooth and goes crazy for sweets!! Plus we are bad parents and can't help but give him whatever he wants!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest little puppy in the whole wide world!!!

Oh man he was in heaven!! I think he was in a little disbelief himself that we actually let him go to town on that cake! So he didn't waste anytime and went crazy splattering icing everywhere!!
And then shortly after his little binge fest, this is what happened:
That's icing dog puke in case you are wondering! Yup, he barfed it all out!! Haha We kinda figured he would! But it's his Birthday so he's allowed!!
And then shortly after his sugar high faded and he deconstructed 2 new toys... he was completely burned out!!
I love this little puppy sooooooooooooo much and promise not to forget his birthday next year!! Happy Birthday my sweet Kalbi!!!

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