Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's Discoveries...

Yule's and I have been out everyday this week!! Haha I know I can hardly believe it myself! I haven't even had to cook this week! We are very lucky girls with amazing family and friends that take good care of us and feed us while Husband is away! Husband said that I am putting the stroller and my credit card to good use lately!
Anyways, I made a few small discoveries today!

1) Bouclair Home now sells wall paper!! YIPPEE! I've been meaning to wallpaper the powder room for months now but just haven't found what I was looking for at a reasonable price! Girl pal over at Crusty Mom Thoughts (Check out her blog if you have time) just wallpapered her powder room and reminded me about that project that I have abandoned!! The rolls are only $29.99 each and the patterns are exactly what I have been looking for! I am definitely dragging Husband there this weekend!
2) My second discovery is SEARS!!
Yup you heard right... Sears as in the come see the softer side of sears... SEARS!! I NEVER shop at Sears!! No one shops at Sears... except Kim! Kim loves Sears!! 
Side Note: Kim is my mother in case you're wondering! And the only reason I call her Kim is because it is so against the law!! In our culture you never call any elder by their first name! EVER!! Unless there is a proper salutation in front! But even then it is totally frowned upon! Anyways, I call her Kim because it is so wrong that it's kinda funny!! Oh and she also doesn't know that I call her that either! Which makes it even funnier! Ok end side note!
So anyways, back to Sears! No one I know shops at Sears besides Kim! But I just discovered that I am in love with their Children's department!! It is clean, organized, well stocked and very well priced! They also carry Carter's! Yulli loves her some Carter's!! They apparently have an amazing baby gift registry too!
3) I saved the best discovery for last!! McDonald's $1 drink days are back!!! All Summer... is it even Spring yet? Who cares!! WooHoo!!
I was never a big pop drinker, but during my pregnancy, Coke seriously hit the spot! I thought the pop cravings would go away afterwards... but nope! I am still madly in love with Coke... especially fountain coke from McDonalds!! I'm pretty sure the stuff is laced with crack because it is that good!! So bad for me but so good!! I'm going to be sooooooooooo... FAT!!

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  1. LOL, I shop at Sears :) Did you know that they have a "kid's guarantee" on their clothing? If they wear out their clothes before they out grow it, I've heard they will replace that particular item (of course it has to be the same size)!