Monday, April 8, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

My little monster has decided to grow exponentially these last couple weeks!! She's been keeping me so busy I barely have time to play Candy Crush let alone blog!! Haha!

Yules has been able to roll over for quite a while now but wasn't really interested in moving around.... well that's changed now!! I left her on the floor in the middle of her room and went to go get something. When I returned 30secs later, her little head was sticking out from underneath her dresser. I returned her back to the middle of the room, turned around and she was now underneath her crib!! YIKES that monster is fast! I moved her back to the middle of her room and watched her like a hawk! She rolled towards the ottoman and crashed into it... then thought it would be a good idea to lick it... decided it tasted good and kept on licking it!! Haha such a curious little George! It seriously seems like yesterday when we would leave her on the kitchen island while we ate dinner! Oh man I miss those days!

She totally can't be left alone... I actually have to watch my kid now! We've had to move furniture so she can safely partake in her new gross motor activities!! Husband said it's taken only 7 months for this monster to totally take over our home! There is baby stuff EVERYWHERE!! I feel a bit overwhelmed looking at it all! The scary part is that this is just the beginning!

The monster is also starting to babble away! She loves to scream (in a happy way) and make all sorts of noise, but I would never categorize it as babbling! This weekend she delighted husband by babbling "da-da" over and over! He was convinced she said "Daddy" a couple times! We both know that it sooooooo didn't happen... but it super bothers me that it could happen. I'm the lady that she spends all day with. So I'm that lady that should get the gratification of her first word being "Mama". Grrrrr.... I'm going to be spending some serious time brainwashing her this week to say Mama!! Haha!

Yulli's hair has also decided to grow! Just last week we went to a Princess Party, and she totally looked like she was rockin' the electrocuted Princess look! Her hair likes to stand straight up like a crazy person.

We are constantly wetting and combing it and putting a hat on her head to flatten her hair... but it just springs right back up! Now her hair is getting longer so it just kinda flops over! Still sticks up but in a sad kind of way! I thought she looked crazy with her wild hair, but now I'm starting to miss it! Maybe all the rolling is flattening it too!

My little baby has also decided that she is a big girl and doesn't need to be swaddled anymore!! Haha she's almost 7mos old and still swaddled!! That can't be normal! She would wake up in the morning and there would be these little hands poking up the top of her swaddle! She has become quite skilled at breaking free... so it was really time to unswaddle her! She is now sleeping in a sleep sack!! She's still in her bassinet though... that can't be normal either! I'm not ready for her to sleep in her crib in her own room yet! Forget if she's ready or not... I'm not ready for that!!

STOP growing already kiddo!!!


  1. LOL, the taking over of your house has only begun...have you seen my house?!? Haha!

  2. hahaha I love that pic of her on the counter Mary!!
    and, have you tried the woombie swaddle? That one is the for sure -cannot-get-out-of-it one. I can lend it to you if you want, the ones that C's grown out of.