Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Ok hands up... how many of you are absolutely in love with Pinterest? Sooooo good! I can spend a good chunk of time loitering around on there! Pinterest has provided me with so much inspiration for our home and I've picked up a few good recipes and craft ideas as well! With the major success of Pinterest, a few other similar social book-marking sites have sprung up too!

There are a few copycat sites that are pretty much Pinterest with a different name like Indulgy and The Fancy! But the new trend is actually gearing the book-marking site towards one specific theme! Here are a few!

  • SpringPad and Postwire for Business people
  • Dribbble for Designers to showcase their work
  • Trippy for Travel
  • StyleGawker for style and fashion
  • and WeddingGawker for Wedding Planning
  • We Heart It for TeenyBoppers
  • Chill for Videos
  • 500px for photograpy (you can also purchase too)
  • I wanna Nom and FoodGawker for foodies
  • Ology for what's trending at the moment
  • Gentlemint and Manteresting for your man
  • DwellingGawker and Project Decor for Home Decor
  • Craftgawker for arts and crafts
    Seriously there are soooooooooooo many I can't list them all! But these are the more popular ones!! Okay go and waste some time browsing already!! What are you waiting for??


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