Monday, April 22, 2013

Fake vs Real and Help!

Haha I bet you're wondering what I'm going to be writing about today based on the title!! Get your minds out of the gutter!! I'm talking about PLANTS today!!

I've been wanting a plant in the living room since the beginning of time! It just adds an organic looking element to the room! We've been flip flopping over whether or not to get a real plant or an artificial one! A real one seems like a lot of work... but real is obviously REAL, therefore better! My Dad has a billion plants and offered us one of his! Yippee... guess that made our decision easy! Until.... we discovered that our windows have this protective film that filters out UV rays. We have one tiny little lucky bamboo plant that we got as a wedding favor like 5 years ago. It's the only living plant we've ever had besides that little Pine tree we had momentarily at Christmas! It thrived in our old house but is slowly dying at this house! It's right in the window and gets light all day long but all the leaves have turned yellow! After talking to a friend and doing some research, many plants can turn yellow from the lack of UV. Hmmm... dying yellow plant isn't going to look so good in my living room! So I guess it's back to artificial plant!!

So after dragging 2 or 3 different fake trees home, I think we have finally decided on one for our space! Some were too small, too ugly, too expensive... but this one seems just right! Haha sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 trees!! Well almost just right!! The tree itself looks good but the pot it comes in is hideous!! It's like tribal pot gone moldy wrong! I can't see that pot looking good with any decor! Luckily I knew with a quick coat of paint it could be saved!! Here's what it looked like before:

After a couple layers of trusty $0.99 acrylic paint, this is what it now looks like:

Not too shabby huh? Our living room is starting to look more and more complete everyday! Kalbs wanted to be part of the pic!!

Just need window coverings and something in the other corner! Any ideas people?

I was thinking a round table in the corner! What do you think? And artwork? Yikes!! I am in a total artwork dilemma with this room! I want to put something up above the sofa... BUT.... the sofa is not centered to the wall! So do I center the artwork to the wall or the sofa? If I move the sofa then it won't be centered to the chairs and window parallel to it. Does that make sense? Am I over thinking this? HELP I need ideas!! I want this room finished! I am so over it!


  1. ooo! Where did you find nice fake plants? I bought a couple of real plants but they're not in the greatest shape anymore so would love to look into getting fake plants.
    And your living room is looking great!!

  2. Haha I'm all about fake plants :) Nothing survives in this household (except my kids)! But fake plants means dusting them every now and again...but then you can travel and don't have to worry about having someone come water them!

  3. Ooooh I totally wanted a tree too! Tell us where you got your good looking fake plant!! And yes your room looks great Mary!

  4. The plant is from the happiest place on Earth... Homesense!!!