Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Lego Table

A couple years ago I made a Lego table for a couple of my favourite little boys! I was reminded of it, when Yules discovered it at one of their houses! Husband said she seemed to like it... so of course I had to make one for my little monster too! Lego is definitely a must-have toy for any kid! The opportunity for unlimited open-ended play is what makes Lego so awesome! There is no one right way to play with it and I won't even get into all the math and fine motor development stuff! Let's just say I like me some Lego!

Ok here's how I created my Lego table! I glued a Duplo Lego plate onto an Ikea Lack side table. I like to use No More Nails Glue! I love that stuff... It can glue anything together! And then to make use of the extra table space around the Lego plate, I created a "road" with some little wall decals. I just happened to have some extra little wall decal pieces that was perfect for making the road. But in the past, I just cut up little strips from a random black wall decal I bought from the Dollar store!

Soooooooooo easy peasy to create and makes such a wonderful gift for any child!!

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