Monday, December 2, 2013

A sled and some oatmeal

Can you tell that I am on a PLAY kick lately? Haha I promise I'll post about other non-play related things soon!

The little monster got a shiny new sled this weekend! It has a nice high back and a seatbelt which is perfect for someone her size! She LOVES it! She made me pull her all around the house and she liked just sitting in it, even when it wasn't moving! She even put her little stuffie in it and pulled it around the house! The weather was decent so Husband took her outside to test it out! She was perfectly content sitting there getting pulled around and could have stayed outside forever!

We wanted to play with the sled again today but there's a blizzard going on outside... so it was a play-inside-kind-of-day! Yules and I added some oatmeal to her sensory table! I had every intention to fill it with sand, but never got around to buying some! So I rummaged through the pantry and found a bag of oatmeal! Nothing wrong with using oatmeal for sensory play! At least it's edible because you know the little monster is going to sample it for sure! Haha! No one says you have to just use sand, you can use anything! She made a grand ol' mess and had a grand ol' time!


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