Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Spaghetti!

More Sensory play....
This past week we played with spaghetti! I colored it red and green so it would be Christmassy! All you have to do is put cooked spaghetti in a ziplock and add food coloring... mix... then voila you got yourself some colored spaghetti!

I wasn't sure how messy this activity would be so we decided to let the monster play with it in the tub! She was a little unsure about it...

And then quickly decided that she did not like it AT ALL and wanted out of there ASAP!! FAIL!

We gave the Christmas spaghetti another go today... inside her sensory table this time. She actually had a lovely time playing with her friend... cooking and feeding spaghetti to me! YIPPEE success!! I didn't waste a whole pack of spaghetti!! Haha! We will definitely play with this everyday until it gets mucky and yucky! Or until she decides to start flinging spaghetti everywhere! Whatever comes first!!!

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