Friday, December 13, 2013

A tree for monster

I whipped out my mini Christmas tree for Yules! I thought it would be a great way to get her used to having a Christmas tree and the "rules" that comes along with one! I've had this tree for a while and it was actually one that I had up in the classroom! It's a great size for the little monster! The plan was to set up the tree. Get her used to it and slowly let her decorate it each day! The hope is that she learns to appreciate it rather then violently shake the tree until all the ornaments fall off! Haha

Well Yules and I took it out and put it together the other day! She was wowed by the pretty twinkling lights for about ... ummm 5 whole seconds and then went to play elsewhere! I however couldn't stop staring at it! Not because it was sooooo pretty, but rather because it looked so out of place in our house! The tree itself was fine, but it was the base that bothered me! There was nothing wrong with it except for the fact that is was so not our style! It looks a little colonial? traditional? I don't know... not ugly (Ok a little ugly) but just not us! It needed a quick and easy fix that was for sure!

Here's what I came up with!
I nicely asked Kalbs if I could borrow his pail that he keeps his goodies in. *Side note: The reason he has a metal pail is because as a puppy he chewed up all the plastic ones we bought him! Then we got smart and got him this metal one! Haha chew on that sucker! So for those of you considering a puppy, some food for thought!*
I rolled a small towel inside the pail.
And then placed the tree inside! Ta-Da that was easy!

I LOVE how simple and Scandinavian-ish it looks! A billion times better than before! I totally want to find a big wide metal bucket for our large Christmas tree! So much trendier and cooler than a traditional tree skirt! Yules likes it much better now too!
Next up: Ornaments! The little monster helped hang some ornaments on her tree. (Read: She handed me the ornaments. I placed them on the tree. She removed them from the tree. Repeat! Aiyah!!!!!!)

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