Friday, December 13, 2013

Abstract Artwork

A while back (like a year ago), Ikea had 50% off picture frames! I snatched up a few, with the good intention of putting something up on our bare walls! Well, needless to say... it didn't get done!! Our walls are still sad looking! Haha! This seems like a trend with me lately huh? Well I'm happy to report that I finally put up some artwork in at least ONE room!

Yules and I snatched up these custom one of a kind abstract pieces at an art gallery! They look lovely in my snazzy Ikea frames! What do you think?

Haha! Just kidding! You guys know I'm cheap and would never buy fancy schmancy artwork! Yules and I made these custom pieces of artwork ourselves!
It was super EASY too! We simply dumped paint and marbles into a box and rolled it around with a piece of paper inside! It was unfortunate that I only had 3 and a half different colors of paint, but I am pretty happy with the outcome! We will for sure be doing this again when I buy more paint colors! If a baby can make this, so can YOU!

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