Sunday, December 1, 2013

Contact Paper Christmas Tree

CONTACT PAPER!!! BEST INVENTION EVER! Can you sense my excitement? I love me some contact paper! Thank you person who invented contact paper! Those of you who have used the stuff, know how awesome it is and those of you who think I'm on crack and have no idea what on earth I'm rambling on about, are totally missing out! Contact paper is pretty much clear plastic sticky paper. It comes in a roll like wrapping paper and you can buy it at the Dollar store for a $1. It's great for laminating stuff that you want to preserve or not get wet or dirty... like your child's artwork! There are so many awesome uses for the stuff! I particularly like using the stuff to create art with the little ones! It's great because it's sticky so you don't have to use glue (glue + baby = messy... and you know how much I like messy haha)!

Here's what Yules and I created today! Since we are in the Holiday spirit, we created a Christmas tree collage! I cut the contact paper into a tree shape and taped it to the window with the sticky side facing out. You can do any shape or just leave it as a rectangle. You can also tape it to the floor or table, I chose the patio door because it has a nice big window that the light can shine through and it's right at her level! Another advantage of doing it on the door is that it is a vertical surface, which is great for strengthening her pincer grip.

Mr. Kalbs wanted to be part of the picture too! He was very curious as to what was going on!
I presented the monster with a tray of "ornaments" for her tree. And then let her explore. She was quite intrigued by the sticky paper and then somehow knew exactly what to do!

Looks like a masterpiece to me LOL! Yules really enjoyed creating this and had a grand ol' time sticking things on and ripping things off! Great activity for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! We will definitely be whipping out the contact paper again soon for another activity!

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