Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gonna Party like it's my birthday....

Kalbs & Yules is ONE!! Happy Birthday to us! WOW I can hardly believe it's been one year since this blog has been created! This is also my 100th blog post! WOW I can't believe I had that many things to write about! WOW I also can't believe how many of you actually read this blog... over 22,000 page views in the last year!
Oh yah this is where I was supposed to insert a super cool celebration-like picture, but I obviously didn't get to it!
So to celebrate, I'm doing a give-away... well sort of! Haha!
This is how to enter:
Leave a witty comment/message telling me how super fabulous this blog is! You should probably leave an email address so I can contact you (if you're the winner) and where you're from, especially if you live somewhere better than here! If you aren't into PDAs, then feel free to send me an email
Don't worry I won't spam you all... I'm not into that! Haha
I will use one of those random generator thingies to pick one of you! If you are the winner, then I'll send you something super cool! Not sure what yet, but it won't be an elephant or a monster or Kalbi! Haha!
If I receive NO love from you guys then this will sadly be the end of the road for Kalbs&Yules! No point in blogging if you guys aren't going to inflate my ego once in a while!! Haha So send some love this way and maybe you'll be the lucky winner that will receive some love back!



  1. Congrats on 100 posts love! Although, I think I might have skewed those page view totals. Keep the posts coming!


  2. Great blog! Seeing a new post always puts a smile on my face and inspires me to redecorate...or clean up my house first!

  3. Nooooo!! Don't stop blogging! I love reading your blog. Blogs are like a mommy window to the outside world of adult interaction. Otherwise I would start wearing diapers and drool. Haha.


  4. Yeah wow, that's a lot of hits! Great job on the blog, and I've told you before. This is the only blog I follow because it's he best!

  5. I love your crafty tips and other updates! Don't stop! You don't want a bunch of angry moms after you! haha.


  6. I love all of your little stories and your photos! So many have made me laugh!