Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday decorating in under 60 seconds!

Need a centerpiece for your Holiday Party?
Here are TWO super EASY ways to dress up your table for the holidays! You will need a large plate (or platter or bowl or any type of vessel), some garland, acorns and ornaments!

Okay here are the steps for the first centerpiece! Pay careful attention!
1. Place bowl on table.
2. Put ornaments in bowl!
3. Done! You just increased your Holiday Cheer by 100% in 10seconds!

If you are up for a "challenge", here is a much more challenging centerpiece!
1. Place plate on table (duh!)
2. Put garland on plate any which way you please. I like it to hang off the plate a little bit!
3. Add acorns and ornaments!!
4. Stand back and admire how you just did some holiday decorating in about 45seconds!

Well gee that was stupid simple wasn't it? Happy Decorating folks!

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