Saturday, November 16, 2013

Give-away Winner!!

I am a total little brat... asking you all to inflate my giant ego and tell me how awesome I am! Haha! You all lovingly obliged and are so majorly awesome! Thank you so much for all the super sweet comments, messages and emails! It really means so much to me!

As shady and corrupt as I can sometimes be... I was surprised at how many of you wanted me to rig the contest in your favour... especially for an unknown prize!! Haha nice try guys! I am an honest, legit person and this is a totally legit contest! NOT!! Bahaha none of you persuaded me enough! Not even Husband! 

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest! Anyways, without further ado... the winner is....
CONGRATS "Bubbles"! You are the winner of a "something lovely but unknown at the moment" prize! I will send you an email with all the details! 

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