Saturday, November 23, 2013

Powder Room Mini Make-Over!

Remember how I said that I wanted to wallpaper the powder room? Remember how I actually went and bought wallpaper? Remember how that was eons ago? Of course you don't remember... it was too long ago! Haha... Well guess what? It actually happened! Husband woke up early last Saturday morning and wallpapered the powder room for me! YAY! Pat on the back for Husband! And guess what else? I LOVE how it looks! Eeek! Such a dramatic difference!! Why didn't we do this sooner? Haha! I want to wallpaper EVERY room now!! I wonder how many years that will take!!
So would I recommend wallpapering to others... YES! Especially YES, if you have a Husband that will do it for you! You definitely have to be patient and precise and take your time! There were a few non-PG 4-letter words that escaped Husband's mouth during the process! Start with a random pattern that doesn't have to match up perfectly... those are much more forgiving! Also try and buy the pre-pasted stuff... it's a lot easier to work with! I of course had to make things difficult and picked a pattern that had to match up perfectly! Haha! It's a tiny quarter millimeter smidgen off, but not too shabby for a first attempt! Thanks Husband!

I tried to upload a BEFORE pic that Husband sent me, but it was taking too long! It was just a plain ol' boring grey wall, nothing special! It was also hard to take pics because it's such a small space! But here is the super fabulous AFTER:


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