Friday, November 15, 2013

Sensory Play continued...

Keeping up with the sensory play... here's what the little monster has been up to this week!

Our sensory table has been filled with leaves! We've spent time collecting them during our walks and examining them afterwards in the garage!

She loves to play with the water in Kalbi's bowl! Not really sure how to get her to stop! So one day I just had enough and let her have at it in the pantry sink while I put stuff away! She made a GIANT wet mess! This is exactly the reason she has the sensory table outside in the garage!

This is a quiet activity, hence the pom poms! You can easily adapt this for older kids by adding more tubes and angling them to meet one another! I made a marble run for the classroom similar to this. I also added magnets so it was easy for the kids to move the tubes around to where they wanted it to go! We stuck it to a magnetic white board. It could easily work on your fridge! I just used tape on the side of the kitchen island because there was no way Husband was going to let this stay up for very long!

Yulli also liked transferring the pom poms into her various lids and containers. You can adapt this activity for the older ones by having them sort by color or using different tongs, tweezers, scoops and spoons to work on fine motor strength. To be honest, the monster was most interested in transferring the pom poms to her mouth!! Haha

I also made Yules a Mystery Box! It's basically a big box that I cut a few random holes in. (tape the edges of the holes so that it isn't sharp) I threw a hole bunch of her junk in there. Little toys, balls, spoons etc. nothing fancy! Easiest entertainment for a baby ever! She loves to reach in there and pull out random things! She also likes to shove random things in there too. I had grand plans of wrapping the box so it looked prettier, but Husband also has grand plans of throwing that box in the recycle come next garbage day! Haha!
Look! Kalbs is curious what's in the box too!

 Did you play this week?

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  1. Wow! What great ideas! Totally gonna do this with Sam next week!