Thursday, January 23, 2014

Like, Want and NEED: Toy Edition

I've seen a few bloggers do a "Like, Want, Need" post lately! So I thought I would do one of my own... Toy edition!  

LIKE LOVE: You all know that I have a not so secret love for wooden toys! So of course I am absolutely in love with this wooden toy shopping cart from Pottery Barn! It is just so over the top cute, I can barely take it! Thank goodness, there is no Pottery Barn Kids here and that shipping is ridiculous or else this thing would totally be bumped up to a want or need item!! Hehe!

WANT: I've noticed lately that the little monster loves to get into small spaces and hang out! So I thought that she would really WANT one of these pop-up tent/tunnel things (maybe one less colorful than the pic)!
How fun is that? Unfortunately, Husband vetoed me and told me to stop spending money on junk that's ugly, colorful and takes up so much room! I even played the gross motor card, but he still said NO! I was pretty bitter that he said no, and I'm defiant so I retaliated by building her one!! Mwahahahahaha *insert evil laughter* It's ugly (but not for long) and takes up way too much room but it was made from recycled boxes... so technically upcycled!! Yulli loves it, so Husband can't argue with that!

NEED: The monster is OBSESSED with seeing what we're doing in the kitchen and loves "helping out"! Every single time we're at the sink, she immediately runs and drags the step stool over! It's actually super cute... but totally unsafe!
So Yules NEEDS a Learning Tower!!
OMG this thing is awesome but also comes with a not so awesome pricetag!! I even thought of doing some type of Ikea hack and making one! I wondered if it was even that awesome... and concluded that YES, it is awesome and that she NEEDs one! Although it is giant... it comes in many color options, so it can match the house! SOLD!! Haha! Anyways, I took the big plunge and bought a giant learning tower and so far it has proven to be super AWESOME! I'll definitely have to do a separate post once I've explored it's full awesomeness!


  1. Love this post! Especially like the shopping cart the the Learning Tower :)

  2. I've been eyeing the tower myself but too cheap to take the plunge!