Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY fine motor toy!

Here's a super easy DIY activity that the Yules quite enjoys! All you need is a plastic container with a lid (think large yogurt size but clear is best), some popsicle sticks and an exacto knife! All I did was slit some holes in the lid!! Ta-da INSTANT toy!! Haha told you it was easy!

My objective for this activity is to work on the all important pincer grasp, build on hand strength and of course hand-eye coordination! All baby has to do is insert the sticks into the slits! Yules loves this thing and can play with it for quite a while! She initially needed me to insert the sticks into the slit and then she would push them down! Now she can for the most part do it all by herself! We count them as she puts them in and she likes to see where it goes... that's why it's nice if the container is clear!

You can kick this toy up a notch by using colored sticks to teach the colors! Or even label the slits if you want to do some matching or recognition thing! My goodness there are soooo many ways to supe up this thing! Let me know if you make this for your babe and if they like it!

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