Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bathroom Sprucing Up!

Ikea had another sale on picture frames, so I picked up a few more for the basement bathroom! You guys seriously need to give me some MAD props for choosing something that wasn't silver or grey or white!! It was for realz out of my comfort zone!! Haha! I chose some large square wooden frames!! I KNOW!! WOOD color...and not even dark wood... they actually match very nicely with the wood tones in the bathroom vanity!

I didn't want these frames sitting around for another year, so I asked Husband to put them up PRONTO!! Only problem was that I had ZERO artwork for them!! They are also a strange size since they are large and square! The only quick solution I could think of was scrapbook paper... which happened to be the perfect size! My intention was to put it up temporarily so it was at least UP on the wall... but I am quite happy with how it looks, so there it will stay for a while... or forever!! You also have to give me a HUGE pat on the back because I picked different COLOURED paper with patterns!! Holy smokes!! Who am I? I'm like a new person!!

And to finish off the space, I added a couple vases and a CREAM colored curtain!! No over the top stylizing, just kept it simple! SERIOUSLY, I can't believe this room exists in my house!! There is wood, color, pattern and cream!! YIKES! Haha! Completely not where I thought I would take this space but overall I like how it came together! I am especially proud that I ventured out of my typical cool color palate!! Pat on the back for me!

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