Sunday, February 9, 2014

Arshdeep Syndrome!

Arshdeep is a little boy that I taught many moons ago! I think of him from time to time! Not because he was super smart, or funny or cute or extraordinary! I think of Arshdeep from time to time because I refer to him as a little prince! He was an only child and came from a culture that really valued little boys! He was spoiled and loved very dearly! His mother did everything for him, from carrying his backpack on their walk to school, to hanging it up and removing the contents and setting it on his desk when he got to school! My sweet little Arshdeep was the one who had meltdowns and would cry because he couldn't zip up his own coat at recess, or tie his shoelace when it got undone! I've met many, many Arshdeeps over the years! I always gently try to encourage parents to let their children do things on their own like putting their coats and shoes on! I fully understand that it is faster for you to do it for them but you're not doing your kid any favours! We want to raise independent, self sufficient children who can master basic life skills! Right?

SIGH! It is so EASY to judge other people... especially when you don't have kids! I will now shamefully admit that I am turning my little monster into an Arshdeep! Aghhhhh I know! I am so BAD! We've been having a difficult time when it comes to feeding the Yules! She has never been that into eating, so naturally I'm concerned that she isn't getting enough nutrients, isn't growing enough blah blah blah! If I give the child a plate of food, she will play with it and most of it will not end up in her tummy! I also cringe when she makes a giant mess too! So of course it is much easier for ME to spoon feed her! That way she eats faster, it ends up in her tummy and not on the floor! That's an awesome plan right? WRONG! If I keep this up, she will totally turn into an Arshdeep! The kid will never learn to feed herself! What will she do, if I'm not there to feed her? Aiyah what to do? What to do?
I've finally decided to find a good balance between the extremes! I still do spoon feed her because that way I have peace of mind that she is eating! But I am purposely trying to give her lots of opportunities to feed herself regardless of how much food she wastes and the mess! I definitely think learning how to use utensils properly trumps cleaning up a little spilled food for sure!

*SIGH* I wonder what has become of little Arshdeep?

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