Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NEW old school desks!

Found this pair at a garage sale and I HAD to have them! I've been wanting something like this forever! It really makes me feel nostalgic looking at them... sweet school memories from when I was young! The pair cost me $15, which I thought was a steal of a deal... post-it note price was $8.50/each. But my Dad (who is a garage sale pro and Asian) said I totally overpaid! Haha!
I've been dying to use my new sander and I thought it would be a nice little project to attack slowly. I also thought it would give my Dad something to work on when he came over to visit. You see, my Dad is the type of person who always needs something to do but doing things slowly is also not in his repertoire. I asked my Dad if he wanted to help me with my new project... and he outright STOLE it!! Yup, he packed them up into his car and took them home to work on. He had them sanded down, painted and delivered in a matter of days! So much for giving him something to do while he was over and so much for it being my little project! Haha! He did a great job and I'm really happy with how they turned out! And of course to complete the retro look, Husband made a couple chalkboard slates to go along with them! The little monster loves sitting in them and "playing school"! Hopefully she's not going to be left-handed!! LOL