Thursday, September 12, 2013

A prediction...

One of my family traditions for a first birthday is to present baby with a tray of items and let them pick a couple things. There is a bunch of things on the tray that symbolise different things. For example, one of the items that is traditionally on the tray is scissors. If baby chooses scissors, it could mean that she might be very precise and meticulous... or you can interpret it to mean she might become a surgeon when she's older! Haha! You can pretty much attach any meaning you want to it! It's really all in good fun! When I was 1, I picked a book and a pencil. I of course was never studious (duh) but I did eventually choose a teaching career, I like to read and here I am writing a blog! So to me, this tradition is a pretty cool way to predict what is in store for my Yules!
So what did Yules choose for her first birthday you ask? Well the little monster choose a ball of rice, money and a golf ball!! The golf ball is not an item traditionally on the tray, but her father has high hopes that she will become a pro golfer in the future! So he was very pleased that she picked the golf ball! So what does that all mean? Well, I think it means that she likes to eat, play and spend money!! Haha just like her Mum!! Hopefully it means she likes to eat, play and earn money!!

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