Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bridal Shower Pics

Hey guys! I know I promised you party pics from the shower... but I got a new computer and have been having some technical difficulties... but better late than never right? I've also been busy busy planning my little monster's 1st birthday party... eeekkkk can you believe she's turning one? Where has this last year gone? For realz?... anyways stay tuned for party pics from her birthday!

So anyways, here is a pic of how all the decorations came together!

I went with a semi-Japanese theme for the food because a) the bride likes it and b) there's a lot of apps that can be served cold. I didn't want to be slaving in front of the stove/oven during the party and no one really wants to eat cold food that was formerly warm.
Some of the things I served were:
-Sushi and Maki (duh)
-Beef Tataki (very easy to make btw... I'll share the recipe one day)
-Bean Sprout Salad (easy Peasy)
-Seaweed Salad (store bought so super easy)
-Cucumber Salad (also easy peasy)
-Shrimp Cocktail with Wasabi Aioli or Sriracha Infused Cocktail Sauce
-Wasabi Peas (bc they're Japanese and bc I had some in the pantry)
-Blueberries (bc they're navy blue and bc we can always use some fruit)
-Skor Dip and Apples
-Mini oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies
-Chocolate (duh)
-Cupcakes (which were kinda sad looking...)

A nice little lite spread for a mid-day-pre-dinner soiree!


  1. Wow! All your parties look like magazine material! Have you thought of submitting your ideas/pics to a party planning site? You should!

  2. Mary you're so hardcore and this looks amazing!!!! Wow I can't to see Yulli party pics!!