Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twin to Twin

Did you know that my Yulli Boo was supposed to be a twin? Yup twins!! But Yulli ate her twin!! Haha okay she didn't eat her twin and will most likely be traumatized if I keep saying that she did! An early ultrasound indicated that Yulli was supposed to be a twin but it was just never meant to be! We told her that she better be twice as awesome... and she sure is!! God decided to give her another "twin" instead... her name is Baby J.
She's had many play dates and doctor appointments with Baby J and they were even born at the same hospital and on the exact same day!! Baby J and Yulli even have very, very, very similar names! Haha they really are twins! The funny thing is that these twins have never ever met! Baby J moved away shortly after she was born. Hopefully these twins separated at birth will meet one day and I just know they will be the best of friends!
Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because these twins turned ONE today!! I can't believe a year has passed so fast! Baby J sent Yulli a book in the mail today and it was appropriately called Twin to Twin!! Haha great minds think alike!! Happy Birthday my sweet twins!!

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  1. Wow I totally didn't know that!?! WHY didn't I know all this?!? The things I learn from reading blogs! Haha...Yulli on her own is pretty great :)